Spiral balance works, barely

A quick learner from Illinois says:
I just ordered two S900-35 balances.
one balances lost it's spiral as I was putting it in, and it dropped a glob of lubricant along the way. I also had to charge it 12 turns to grab a bite.
The window is operational, but if I lift it to fully open, it drops down 3" and stays. If I settle for just 12" open, it stays right where I leave it. It opens and closes properly except for that top-drop. And I'm a little concerned about the 12 turn charge.
My sash is 21 pounds. The house is 20 years old, I'm the original owner and these balances have never been worked on before.
Help! I have seven more windows just like this one.
A quick learner from Illinois says:
your phone rep was kind enough to start this conversation for me. this is my first attempt at replacing balance, and I want to make sure I have the correct parts before I order the pieces for my othe 7 Windows's

is it possible I got a bad balance? or should I be using a stronger colored tip?
thanks I advance for your help me
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
It sounds like the S900-35 isn't what you wanted. I have a few questions before we go any further. The old balance should have had an outer tube that went around it. What was the length and diameter of this tube? Also, did the old balance have a color tip at all?
A quick learner says:
The old balance is 35 inches long 9/16 wide there was no color on the tip The window pane that it's actually lifting or holding is 33.5 x 34.5 and weighs 21.6 pounds.

I might have discovered the error that caused this. When I charged the balance I pushed the spiral back up all the way in, thenwhen I went to charge it I twisted it out as opposed to just pulling it down. I did recharge this window I repaired and it now stays up however I did still need to do a full 12 revolutions to have it stay up. I'm wondering if when all the lubricant came out originally if that may have caused some damage to the balance when I originally installed it, or did I did just get a bad charger. This is my first time doing that so that's probably more of a question then the statement.

I hope that helps.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Ah, I see. If your outer tube diameter was 9/16" then the Series 900 was not the correct balance. I would recommend our S600-35 balance, instead. The balances you ordered were only 3/8" in diameter and therefore far too weak for your window. For a 21.6 pound sash, I'd also recommend the Red Tip color option. You should only need to charge the balance 1-3 times.
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