Strato fold bifold doors

A quick learner from Tennessee says:
Is it possible to purchase a complete set of Strato-Fold bi-fold door hardware so I can replace all pieces. The goal is to restore the doors so that they slide open and closed properly? The ones I have are from a condo built in 1967. There are instructions and a parts table labeled on the inside of the door. I think these metal bi-fold doors are common from that era.

I believe the 21-071 will work as a guide pin for my doors and I will plan to order 6 of them. I also need a spring and spring retainer to go with each guide pin. Will 21-157 (spring retainer) fit with the 21-071 guide pin? Will 21-252 (spring) or 21-256 (spring) fit with the 21 071 guide pin?

Regarding the track mount please see attached photos showing dimensions and measurements. Do you have a track or track mount that will work with these dimensions? I would like to order it.

Finally, I am looking for an adjustment pin and retainer. The adjustment pin measures 4" long and 1/4" diameter. It is threaded at the top and smooth at the bottom. The plastic retainer goes with this pin. The holes in the retainer are threaded. One picture shows them installed together and other pictures show the retainer separately. Do you have these pieces of hardware by chance?
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Paul from SWISCO responded:

Thank you for your questions Please start off with checking  your nylon cap diameter to our 21-071. Our cap is 13/32" in diameter. The 21-071 comes with a spring,  our 21-252. You can use the 21-157 spring retainer with this pin. As for the track mount, we believe you are talking about the 21-202 pivot block. I see you already ordered them, we recommend trying them first to see if they are correct. Unfortunately, the tracks you're showing aren't available. You would have to replace all the pins with new pins. Take a look and consider our 21-002 and 21-044 that go with the new track, our 21-401, 21-402, 21-403, and 21-404. For the threaded pivot pin and retainer, the retainer isn't available, but you can use out threaded pivot pin, our 21-003 that doesn't require the retainer. You may also want to order some of the 21-150 nylinders to help the pins to slide smoothly through the holes. As I mentioned, I do see you recently placed an order for some parts, so we suggest wait to try them out before ordering more.

A quick learner from Tennessee says:
Thanks again for all of your patience and help. I like your advice to wait until I receive my order to see if those parts will work. And if not, try a second order.

Have a great day,
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Paul from SWISCO responded:

Awesome, sounds good! Thank you for considering us, Jeff, it means a lot! Let us know how it works out or if you have any questions.

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