Tilt or Non-tilt balance ?

A home owner from Columbus, OH says:
I have a window that I ordered a set of spiral balances for a year ago(S600-35). The spiral balances have failed again so I ordered another set. My window doesn't tilt for use but when I remove them they do tilt out to remove. A year ago I ordered the tilt balances but after their recent failure I thought it was because my windows don't actually tilt so this time I ordered a set of non-tilt balances(s500-35). When they arrived I noticed that the end tip is different and won't work with the shoes that I have. I also am wondering if the orange (red) tips balances are the right ones. I can't figure out why it continues to come out of balance and off of the shoe. It will work for a little while then fail again. Any ideas?
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
I believe the Series 600 was right. When a window is labelled "tilt out," it is specifically referring to how the sash is removed.

The weight of the sash can cause a window balance to fail. For two S600-35 balances, Red Tips can support 12 through 30 pounds, and Black for 31 through 40 pounds.

If that isn't the cause, please send some photos of the original balance and pivot shoe in the track and we can try to work something out.
A quick learner from Columbus, OH says:
I have recently purchased my second set of spiral balances. I purchased the first set last Spring and the 2nd set of 35" Series 600 Spiral Tilt Window Balances this spring. I have tilt windows with the windows weighing app 25lbs. I replaced the right shoe last Spring because it was broken and did the balances at the same time. I am still having a problem with the window. It will work just fine for a few weeks but then it will start to drop until finally the balance will come loose from the shoe. I will wind it back up and use the window for another period of time and then again it will fail. It doesn't seem to be isolated to one side or the other because I have seen either balance pop out of the shoe. Any suggestions or thoughts?
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
It sounds like it doesn't have enough tension. How many times are you winding it? Do you feel tension building? Try charging the balance spiral closer to the colored bearing. Give it two or three turns, then lock it in the shoe. If that's not enough, give it a few more turns until you start to feel tension build. Also, give the window track a spray of silicone the help the shoe from sticking and causing the spiral to kick out. Let me know how you make out.
A quick learner from Columbus says:
It is a tilt window. I don't have the original balances because I discarded them. They were orange tipped not red like the replacements I bought from SWISCO. I can send a picture of the old shoe but it is identical I believe to the replacement that I bought. Do you still want me to send pictures of the shoe? All the window are the same in my house. I could take a picture of a different window if you would like to show the original balance but they were identical to the replacement with the exception of the orange tip vs. the red tip.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Don't worry, orange and red are considered the same in the balance industry. Also, did you try charging the balance with the spiral end near the red bearing? Give it two or three clockwise turns and see if you can feel the tension before locking in the pivot shoe. If you don't feel any tension at all when you charge, let me know.
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