Truth Handleless secondary casement sash lock

A home owner from Wisconsin says:
Help! I made an order the other day and got 4 of item 38-160 a Truth Handleless secondary casement lock.
When I installed it - it didn't allow the window lock to clear the small plastic piece.
Looking at the markings inside, the parts just obtained have the number 45428 and 23 or 27 stamped on them.
The broken part I took off has the number 45189 and 10 stamped in it.

Do you have any of these? I'd like to exchange them - so I don't have to trim the plastic piece to make it fit.
Mark H
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for posting, Mark. Could you show us a few pictures of the original lock compared to the 38-160? Could you also show us a couple pictures of the keeper it engages? That will help us come up with a solution.
A home owner from Wisconsin says:
Please see some photos attached. Obviously, the part I'm replacing is the one that's without the plastic part inside.

thanks Mark
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
That is weird. Your original lock never had the black plastic guide to begin with? It looks identical, otherwise. I don't think the manufacturer makes this without it. How did your old lock engage the keeper before?
A quick learner from WI says:
Sorry Tom, There was a white plastic piece inside it. That's what broke. New photos of one from another window attached. It appears that the brown plastic piece is 1/16th larger, both at the widest spot (10/16 vs 9/16) and at the shoulder (5 vs 4) that's where it is hitting when it trys to engage the lock.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for your patience. These pictures are very clear and after a bit of experimentation I think I may have an idea.

Take a look at our 38-277 and 38-276. These are the keepers that are meant to go with our 38-160. Carefully compare the dimensions we show to your own keepers and let me know if they're different. Just eyeballing your pictures, I think yours may be a little difference. And since the problem is the size of the nylon latch, I can't see why new keepers couldn't fix the issue. Let me know what you think.

Of course, if your keepers are identical to our 38-277 and 38-276, then that complicates things. Let me know if they are and we can work from there.
A quick learner from Wisconsin says:
Tom - the keepers appear to be identical. The issue appears to be the location of the keeper. I can only suspect that at some point in time, Truth recognized that the smaller white nylon pieces were failing at too high a rate and bulked them up a little bit. If you move the keeper over a fraction (3/32) of an inch the bigger brown nylon will work just fine. Unfortunately with the holes already in the window - moving the keeper over is next to impossible. So since it seems that there is no longer a Truth part 45189 (don't see it anywhere on web nor Truth website), then my only solution on this window is to trim the brown nylon.

or to try the hint mentioned below

Found this comment on another site "Truth 16.52 Sash Lock. A very common sash lock that tends to fail because the plastic slide breaks due to incorrect installation at the window manufacturer or being forced when there is a obstruction in the window opening. The new replacement model has a thicker plastic slide. Because the slide is thicker, the keeper, part # Wi41268 and Wi41269 might have to be shimmed with small washers.

Common numbers found on this sash lock are 21328 and 45189"

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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Ah, that sounds about right. Shimming the keepers with some washers is definitely worth a try. It's be painless and, worst case scenario, you're back at square one. I would definitely try giving that a shot before shaving down the nylon latch, since that seems like it will be a pain. Sorry we couldn't offer an easier solution!
A home owner from santa barbara says:

I have the very same issue. I replaced the locks with new ones and the keeper was blocked by the new, larger plastic block.

Did anyone try moving or shimming the keepers yet with good results? I'd like to hear back before I do this myself, so that I do not make unnecessary holes, etc!

Thank you.
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