Trying to identify window installed on my home 16 years old

A quick learner from Middletown de says:
Need some pivot shoes of 9/16 size. I watched video on replacing pivot shows, but I have NO removable stop. I have as shown one long piece covering the tube as shown. What brand window is it and how would I remove pivot shoe and hide cut out area? I am anxious to repair a number of Windows in my home. Thank you
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
I've reviewed your pictures, but I cannot tell what you have. You should still be able to remove your shoes, though. If you raise your sash six inches, then tilt it in, you should be able to twist it out. From there, show me a picture of the pivot shoe in the track and we can possible identify a match.

As for the long white strip covering the jamb, that appears to be just a balance cover. Those should just come out.
A quick learner says:
I hope these pics can identify make of my windows. I believe pivot shoe 15-118 comes closest to size and appearance. Only issue is with track spreader, I would have to spread track 1/4 ". That's what I worry about

Also do you have those screen clips? Finally, regarding the balance cover, do I carefully pry out/off from bottom with flat bladed screwdriver?

Thank you for your help
User submitted image of their window hardware.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Perfect, thanks! That screen clip looks an awful lot like our 70-123, which is used on Patriot windows. If you look at ours I think you'll agree it's a match. With the brand Patriot in mind, I think you should consider our 15-046. This shoe was used often for their windows.

For removing the covers, you could use a flat tip screw driver or putty knife to pry it off. Once it's off, you should see a cut out underneath from which you can remove the shoe.
A quick learner says:
Do you have a store front or counter that I may stop by as I work somewhat locally?
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
I'm afraid not, but you can place any order you need directly on our site.
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