Vinyl snap-in glazing--can't find!

A home owner from Gig Harbor, WA says:
I have been unable to find any markings on our vinyl windows and sliding doors to indicate the manufacturer. When we bought the house, one strip of the vinyl snap-in glazing was missing. I'm unable to find a replacement version on your website that appears to match the existing material. The closest I can find is product code 55-011. I can't get any pieces off without damaging them, so I've attached a drawing of my best guess of what I need. Thank you for your help.
A customer submitted illustration of snap-in glazing.
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Dave Sr. from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for contacting us! I'm not quite sure what this could be, either. It looks somewhat similar to our 55-178 Extruded Vinyl Glazing, but I can't be sure. Does that look about right? Let me know what you think.
A quick learner says:

Thank you for the reply. I had looked at 55-178 before, but I wasn't quite sure about it. Also, I didn't draw the picture very well on one side, so it would extend like the 55-178 on the snap-in side.

The two concerns I have are that the door is a very white color, and the glazing needs to be 73" long. Your ad says Euro-white, which looks more yellow than the other items.

Also, is the 6' length nominal or the actual length. If it's any help, the windows that match the door have your sash vent lock number 26-362. I will be ordering some of those. Thank you for your help.
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Dave Sr. from SWISCO responded:
The 55-178 actually is white; the 55-011 is the one that's Euro-White. I think you have them mixed up.

6' is the actual length of the 55-011. The 55-178 comes in lengths of 4', but there is also an 8' version, our 55-178-8.
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