Will 82-265 work with my PGT SGD 470

A handy person from Charleston, SC says:
I have the door in the subject line installed in our new house. It is the door the builder switched us to without us knowing because it was 'cheaper'.

It is now 'in' and has such a minimal warranty that we are just going to keep it and modify it until it wears out or we wear out.

Since we chose and wanted a door with handles on it I wonder if you have one that would fit that door in white or brushed nickel. And this looks very much like the lockset that is on it according to the dimensions.

We would like to know, if you can tell us if this door would work with this lockset and a new set of handles with a keyed lock? We also would like the loop handles on the inside and outside.

I have attached a schematic for our door lockset. Can you help me?
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Dave Sr. from SWISCO responded:
Thank you for your patience. I'm having trouble finding something that may work. I would like to see the actual lock set you now have in your door before I suggest anything. Let me know!
A quick learner from mount pleasant, sc says:
Here are the photos - the locking mechanism side is recessed and the other 'fits' into that recess. I need loop handles and also need to know if anyone has installed a locking bolt like on standard 2-door entry doors?

I just hate the door really and need some help adjusting it since it's not worth the effort to take it out since they scratched it up when putting it in and the company won't take it back. It's been in since January and the builder has been saying 'sure we can just add some handles' but it was never put in correctly and so I couldn't even lock it and when someone else locked it I couldn't get it opened. It's because one of the doors has the guide that has to be pressed to make the lock work. And you literally had to grab both doors and pull them together to lock it. They've leveled it as much as they could and wore us down basically. I just want this builder gone so I never have to see him again. HELP!
User submitted photos of patio door hardware.
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Dave Sr. from SWISCO responded:
First off, you say that you're having trouble locking the doors. I can see on the face plate of the mortise lock that there are adjustment screws. These actually move the latching hooks in or out to meet the strike plate in the jamb. The top adjustment screw is just above the top hook and the bottom screw is just below the bottom hook. Try playing around with these and see if that might help in the locking of the door.

As for the handle, is it possible for you to remove the handle you have now so we can see its inter workings? That could help in recommending a different handle for your door. Thanks!
A professional from California says:
Is your lock broken? If not, changing the lock will have no effect. I think 82-265 should be A replacement for your lock. 82-259 should be the exact stainless steel replacement with a different face plate. Each lock is available with different plates. If you are not in a highly rust prone area, there should be no real difference (except price).
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