Window weather stripping (rubber and wool)

A home owner from USA says:
Hi, I would like to order some window weather stripping. I have singly hung sliding windows. I believe I need .270 (1/4") backed ..2-250 wood pile for the vertical sides.

It currently measures less than .250 but given the age (1991) and level of noise/drafts I think it could originally be .25

1. But I have a couple other question. The top of the sliding window and where it meets the frame mid-point took to use a .270 (1/4") backed rubber "b" stile insert. They appear to be the same width/height/track as the vertical strips, but I don't see rubber ones on your website. I'm assuming they used wool for the sides because they "slide" and ruber on the tops/bottoms since they don't have to slide but just touch/interlock. What would you recommend?

a. Just replace the vertical wool slides and not the rubber?
b. Replace the horizontal rubber slides with wool slides. (if so, in my opinion they could be much longer than what they currently are of between .2-.25 in height. and I think it is where a majority of the leakage/noise is from as the rubber has hardened.
c. Leave/clean the rubber slides in place since they likely last longer?

2. The bottom of the window has an different size rubber and shape, it appears the track is more square in size (and smaller), maybe about 1/16th in width. I assume they use rubber on the bottom for water/weather and dirt protection. Do you have any recommendations here?

I've cut out some small pieces and took various pictures for context.

I see not manufacturing / identifying marks.

Thanks for your insights.
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Dave Sr. from SWISCO responded:
Concerning your vinyl weather stripping, you are correct when you mentioned that dry/hard vinyl would make the window sash hard to slide. Wool pile like our 58-045, which has a fin seal, could make a good substitute for the vinyl weather stripping. The fin helps block out air infiltration. Look at the list I made on the right side of this page and see if anything here would be a better alternative.
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