andersen casement window crank part number on crank unit is 7073A

A landlord from west chester, pa. says:
is there a conversion number and unit that matches our andersen window cranks?

we need 2 R's and 2 L's.

Thank you.

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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Hey, Peter. I'm afraid that I couldn't cross-reference that number to anything in particular. Could I see a few pictures of your existing operator for reference? That will help us locate the best possible match. I would also need to see the whole operator, base and arm, so seeing it removed from the window would be best.
A home owner from Pittsburgh pa says:
I need to replace 8 window cranks.The one that I do have is an Anderson 7073A There is an L marked on it for left, I am not sure what the numberwould be for the right one.But I need 4 of each ((right and left)could you please help me find the correct window cranks

thank you
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Good morning. I've placed you into an existing thread concerning operators with the 7073A number. As you can see, we don't know exactly what matches that operator, and will need to see a few pictures. Let me know when you can get those to me!
A quick learner says:
This is the actual operator I need from Anderson....#7073A. I'm looking for a replacement for this handle.
User submitted a photo of a window operator.
A landlord from Erie, PA says:
I have a Sill mounted operator with a 7-1/2" straight arm that I would like to replace. Anderson PN is 7073A-L
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Thank you for your patience in this matter. Unfortunately, this operator has been discontinued and is no longer available. We don't have a direct substitute, but you could consider our 39-365 operator as a possibility. You would also need a new track to go with it. I recommend something like our 39-504 or 39-512.
A home owner from buffalo says:
Hi i have several casement window operators that need to be replaced they are Anderson windows the arms are stamped with 7073A left or right i believe the Anderson part number is 0531108 & 0531112 the windows are from 1974
User submitted photos of a window operator.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for posting. I've placed you into an existing discussion regarding this operator. As you can see, it is no longer made, but we have made a few suggestions above. See what you think.
A landlord from Michigan says:
Did the suggested options above work for anyone? I have the same operators from anderson and they cost about 150 brand new each. I would like to find an alternative option.
A handy person from Montpelier, VT says:
Yesterday I successfully installed the 39-094 kit as a replacement for the old 7073A mechanism.

Points of note:

The old track is mounted in a rabbet (routed out area). The right way to do it would be to fill this in with epoxy putty or a Dutchman patch, but I first wanted to see if the newer mechanism would even work, so I just used longer screws to bridge the gap.

Normally, the little tabs on the track ensure that the it will be positioned so that it sticks out from the sash a bit. Because of the gap, the tabs don't hit anything so you have to be sure to maintain that gap when you screw it in place so the shoe is able to slide across the track. The bottom of the sash that the track screws onto is slanted, but it didn't affect the performance.

Positioning the new mechanism is tricky. Looking at the old screw holes in one of the photos may be of help. Basically, I positioned it so that the shoe was close to the end.

I spent a lot of time modifying the trim piece. The new mechanism is much wider than the old one and it's taller. I had to widen the opening and shave quite a bit off the underside of the track so it would seat properly.

Before you remove the trim, make a pencil mark on the sill at the left side of the mechanism opening. That will help you position the mechanism such that you'll only have to trim the right side of the opening when enlarging it.

I wish I had set the mechanism around 1/16 of an inch farther back; I think it might have fit under the trim a bit better.

Next time I'm going to try using the 39-365 with the 39-504 track. I'm curious to see if the track fits in the existing rabbet. Also, it's not as wide as the 39-094 mechanism, to there shouldn't be as much trimming needed.
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