casement window operators

A home owner says:
I have a home built in 1936 with casement windows. A lot of the operators are no longer working and need to be replaced. They are 9" and are attached to metal by screws that go from outside to the inside and then screw into the operator. Do you have replacement parts and how much are they? I need to replace on around 14 windows (left and right)
User submitted photo of casement window operator.
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Dave Sr. from SWISCO responded:
From looking at your photo, it could be the Thorn 39-004 Window Crank. Take a look and compare it to the dimensions of your original operator.
A home owner from San Marino ca says:
My old cranks are marked Getty the arm length is 9 1/2 ". The Getty 39-044 is 9". Would 9" work. What is the differnce bteween the Getty 39-044 and the thorn 39-004?
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Dave Sr. from SWISCO responded:
The 39-004 and 39-044 have different installation holes. The 39-004 has threaded holes and is screwed in from the back side, whereas the 39-044 has open holes and is mounted in from the face and into threaded holes in the window.

The arm length should not matter.
A contractor from mpls, mn says:
hello, we are starting work on a home built in 1936, it has all getty steel casement windows, 60 units total. the cranks look very similar to the picture above with 2 screws on inside threaded into the frame. we are trying to remove the crank units but are unsure how? there is a large screw as well on the top of the winder but these mostly seem to be a pivot point? any diagrams how they are put together? thanks, jim
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Dave Sr. from SWISCO responded:
These operators should be held in with four machine screws through the operator base and into the steel frame. That large center screw is just there to hold on the gear arm. I don't believe you will have to remove it from the base. After you remove the screws, the operator should just come off the window frame. Then you simply slide the gear arm out of the track below the window sash.
A quick learner from mpls,mn says:
hello, thanks for the reply. the units on this home are held on with only 2 screws, just like the above photo. i do see from looking at your site that there is a 4 screw model as well, so i removed the 2 screws but these windows are pretty well worn with almost no upkeep over the last 30 yrs. to remove the glides on the bottom of the sash it was necesary to drill out the 2 screws since they were so rusted.

so on our first 2 sample units i removed the glide and the control arm is loose and i get that you lift up on the winder to leverage it out of the hole, but the little brass tab that slides in the glide will not come through the slot in the frame where the arm slides. it is too large to fit ? that is why i was wondering if we were supposed to remove the winder some other way?
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Dave Sr. from SWISCO responded:
This is a little unusual. In my experience, it shouldn't be that difficult to remove this operator. Check to see if there is paint blocking the hole, or maybe see if there is a notch in the hole for the guide to fit through. The last thing I can think of is to try removing that center gear screw to back out the gear arm.
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