champion doublehung balancer shoe assy. and pivot pin

A home owner from South Park PA says:
every time i try to tilt windows for cleaning the pin pops up and breaks the pin or shoe champion wants 90 dollars for service call on lifetime guarenteed windows
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Tom from SWISCO responded:

Thanks for posting! If the only thing that broke was the pivot bar, then there's no need to spend 90 dollars as a repair. If you show me a photo of an undamaged version of that pivot bar out of the window, I'm confident that we can find a good match.

In the future, make sure to raise your sash a few inches before you tilt it in. If you tilt the sash in while it's closed then you will break the pivot bar, and could even damaged the sash frame.

A home owner from South Park PA says:
thanks i am not an idiot i know how to tilt the window in for cleaning. the problem is these windows are tight and they sometimes pop out of the balancer and it breaks
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Tom from SWISCO responded:

My apologies, I wasn't trying to imply you were an idiot. A lot of customers who come to us don't know this so I thought I'd cover all the obvious explanations first. You never know!

That said, I'm not sure at this point what may be causing the issue. These windows don't look all that old, so the pins definitely shouldn't be popping out of the shoe every time you tilt it in. Are there any other issues that you can note? Does the sash not close all the way, or perhaps it's harder to lock once it is? Do you feel a draft of air coming in at any side? I'm wondering if maybe the frame of the window is warped.

Do you also see any screws in the jamb on either side? They won't look like screw heads, but actually the bottom tips of screws peeking out from holes in the jambs. They are usually flattened and have a slot carved in them for a flat head screwdriver. These screws are used during the installation of the window to adjust the jamb liners to align properly with the sash; it's possible that whoever installed these windows did not do this properly. If you could get a hold of those screws, you may be able to pull the jamb liners back a hair so that the window is less tight.

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