channel balance for single hung windows

A home owner from ELK GROVE,CA says:
Hi,I am looking for channel balances for my windows(as showed in the picture).I need your help because I couldn't find the right one with top and bottom guide.The icture showed is 33 inches and ido need the other one 27 inches loong with marked 32 4 FX CMC 11

The 33 inches long is marked 34 2HW CMC 11

User submitted photos of a window balance.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Good morning, and thanks for posting. Looks like your top attachment is winged, while your bottom is not. I still need to figure out what that bottom shoe is so I can recommend the proper window balance replacement. Check out our 15-001 and 15-002 and tell me which is a closer match.
15-001 and 15-002

Can you also confirm the lengths and stamps for each balance? I'm a little confused. From what you've described, you have a 33" balance with a "34 2 HW CMC 11" stamp and a 27" balance with a "32 4 FX CMC 11" stamp.

Those stamps don't match the lengths. A stamp that has "34 2" should be for a 35" long balance, and a stamp that says "32 4" should have a 33" long balance. Please double check and let me know.

Make sure that you are only measuring the length of the metal channel. Do not include the nylon attachments in your measurements.
A home owner from elk grove says:
Hi ,Tom.
Thank you for your help.The 33" balance should be with a"324 HW CMC 11"stamp as in the picture and the 27" balance with a "324 FX CMC 11".Both have the same bottom shoes 15-001.I need 4pcs for 33"long and 8pcs for 27" long.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Great, thanks for confirming the bottom shoe. A 33" balance with a 32 4 stamp makes sense, however a 27" balance with a 32 4 stamp doesn't. I have one last question: are these two balances in the same window, or are they for two different windows? Can you confirm the length for the 27" long balance? I am surprised that it has a stamp that reads 32 4. Either your balance was cut down or it was misprinted.
A home owner from elk grove says:
Sorry my mistake. I have 2 different size windows.The 33" balance with a"32 4 HW CMC 11" stamp is for the sash 33"w x34"h;The 27" balance with a "26 4 FX CMC 11" for the sash 33"w x 28.5"h.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Aha! Okay. That makes a lot more sense. So we have two balances with a 19-005 top and a 15-001 shoe. One is 33" long with a 32 4 stamp, while the other is 27" long with a 26 4 stamp. Does that information look good to you?

If so, you need to order the S395-33 with the 3240 option and the S395-27 with the 2640 option.
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