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A handy person from syracuse new york says:
trying to locate rollers not only for the screen door but also for the active door and replament rubber sealer for threshold which goes in the threshold track under the actve door only.

Looking for the weather-stripping in the bottom channel of the active door and replacement rollers or kit.

The plug that covers the screw at the end of the door to the one that is on the face of the door with the adjustment screw behind it is 5 1/2".adj screw only on inside.

. help. thanks
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Mike from SWISCO responded:
In most cases the weatherstripping is applied to the bottom of the active door, which then slides into a channel. The weatherstripping is not applied to the track.

In order for us to help you find a replacement roller, you will have to remove the roller and send us pictures with dimensions.

A quick learner says:
i have two of these patio doors and in both of them, they have the weatherstripping in the track. it is attached to a thin metal piece that inserts into the track. the metal stip with the weatherstripping can come out of the track!it's only the length of the active door. are you familiar with louisiana pacific doors? note in my photos, there is a plug on the outer edges of both sides of the door and then one above 4" in from that there is a plug which has the adjustment screw behind it.do you have the screen door assmbly as shown in the photos?
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Dave Sr. from SWISCO responded:
It is really hard to tell what replacement roller you will need without seeing your existing roller. You cannot tell by looking at the tip of the adjustment screw nor can you rely on the sliding door's manufacture name. Many sliding door manufacturers outsource their hardware and may use different sources for each of their door designs.

I believe I recognize the screen door roller. Remove the screen door roller and compare it to 84-074. If your roller does not match up to the 84-074, take a picture and send it to us.

As for the roller for the glass door, I definitely cannot tell until I actually see the roller removed from the door. You will need to remove that roller and send us a picture.

The weatherstripping sounds unusual. Throughout the years I have always found the weatherstripping on the door and not the track. If possible, send another image of just the weatherstripping; it is really hard to see it in the pictures you have already sent.
A quick learner says:
photos have been sent?? in them you will note the weatherstripping is attached to a metal strip which is inserted in the track and the wathersripping is attached to it.about 1" x 30" wide or movable door width. you won't see the metal or aluminum strip that holds the weather stripping because the weatherstripping hides it. i am able to see it when i slide the stripping from underneath the movable door down the track until it's in frint of the stationary door. the metal strip metal is almost the same that is on a door sweep with weatherstipping attached to it. thanks
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Mike from SWISCO responded:
Please take a look at the Swisco 58-154 Door Bottom Replacement Insert.
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