need replacement parts so that I can fix the mechanism that allows the window to be opened and stay opened

A home owner from Stanley NC 28164 says:
I need replacement parts so that I can open the windo and the windo stay open. I also need the parts that keeps the window in place (they are tilt windows).

Window sizes. I need replacements for 3 different size windows. I am not sure if it matters but here are the sizes. Note: Length is full length H is the half length.

Window 1 office
W- 19.5
H - 32.5
L - 64

Window 2 Upstairs
W - 27.75
H - 32.5
L - 62.5

Window 3 Family room
W - 35.5
H - 38
L - 75.5

Thank you in advance.
User submitted photos of a window balance.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Thank you! Looks like you have a balance like our Series 850. Check it out and let me know if this is a good match. You will have to confirm the length by measuring the balances, not the windows. That is more accurate.
A quick learner says:
I remeasured and we and current balances are 30.5 and the shoes are 15/16 or slightly smaller than an inch. I think I am all set now!

thank you so much.
A home owner from Stanley NC 28164 says:
Hello again,

I was just informed that the balance you recommended is no longer being made. I need help determining an alternative balance type for the window. I know in 4 of my other windows the previous owners had different ones installed.

what are my options?

Another side note. When talking to the sales person she said that the shoe was the problem. All of my shoes are okay I just need the 3850-30 spring mechanism. The shoes are working fine. Does that help?

Last final question. The window balance screws into a piece at the very top center of window. In my windows there is a plastic square that fits into the whole and the screw goes into. One of my windows is missing that piece so even if I can get the balance I can't screw it in. Do I have any options?
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
While the Series 850 is no longer being made, we still have them in stock. It's just a limited supply. At this time, we don't have another option, though we are continuously researching alternatives.

As for the screw plug, could it be something like our 26-200?
A home owner from Stanley NC 28164 says:
I have two other windows in my house that are using something that looks like the Series 795 Channel Balances. Would that not work?

I bought the last two you had in stock. But I still have windows that need to be fixed.

Yes the plug is correct and I have ordered it.

thank you in advance
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Y'know what, I see why I'm confused. I missed the fact that you ordered the Series 850 with a 15/16" Red Shoe. Is this because your original shoe is 15/16"? This may not have been the proper replacement. The color of the shoe is an important indicator of the spring strength, so if your original shoes were black then you should have stuck with that. I would double check the width of your existing shoes and see if they aren't 1". Keep in mind that they may have even worn down over time, especially if these are older windows. We do have the 1" Black Shoe balances in stock.

As for the Series 795 channel balance, that is a possibility, though switching the type of balance your window uses may cause issues. Are the windows in your house that use the Series 795 identical to the windows in your house that use the Series 850? Can you also confirm the width of the metal channel on those Series 795 balances?
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