pivot shoe window tilt replacement

A quick learner from USA says:
Good Afternoon.

I believe i have 9/16 pivot shoe however my original has a screw. does the screw make a difference?

I have double tilt window and had recently purchase two balance from you. I am not sure if i have installed balance incorrectly or need new shoes.? it is still tough to push up and down the window. I have turn 8 times to create tension on new balance so i think it is the shoe however shoe doesn't appear to be damage.

The shoe stays stuck and it is hard to move up and down without tension connecting therefore think it is the shoe. Is this correct way of testing it shoe?

Is there anything else I am missing?
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for posting. First, remove the sash and balances from the window and try to manually move the shoe up and down in the track. You will need a screwdriver to "unlock" the pivot cam so that the shoe can move freely while in that position.

If you still have trouble moving it, clean the track up to make sure there is no debris getting in the way. Also try lubricating with silicone spray. We like silicone spray because it doesn't attract dust and dirt.

However, if the shoe works fine even after you remove the balances, then the balances are likely the culprit. 8 turns is far too many, you should only need 1 or 2, or even 3 at most. What was the color tip of your old balance? I see you ordered our S600-23 with a Red Tip. Two of these balances can carry a sash that weighs 7 through 29 pounds. How heavy is your sash?
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