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A quick learner from nyc says:
Dear helpful Swisco people,

We need to replace block and tackle channel balances (more on that later) and some pivot shoes.
I would like a shoe that allows the window not just to tilt, as we have now, but also to allow us to lift the window out. As they are, we have to unscrew the pivot bar, slide it over and out of the cam to remove the window. And - oops - when we do, the shoe slams up into the balance. Live and learn.
Dims on this shoe with toothed cam are: 9/16 thick x 1 and 1/4 wide and 2" H
Outside Dims on this grooved pivot bar 3" x 9/32 x 3/16"

Not sure if 15-152, 15-129 or this 15-178 will do what we need.

Many thanks.
User submitted image of their door hardware.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for posting. I don't believe the shoes you picked out will work, none of them appear to match what you have. I understand what you mean when you say you want the window to lift out of the cam easily, but we do not recommend swapping pivot shoes. Every different type of pivot shoe has little details that make them function in different ways, compatible with only certain other parts.

You shouldn't have to unscrew your pivot bar, though. It is possible to remove the sash by just twisting it out. That's really all you need to do; it's just as easy as removing the sash for the other shoes you mentioned. I will post a video at the end of this post that should help.

As for your hardware, judging by your dimensions and picture, our 15-118 appears to be our best match. It also matches your shoe's style. The center cam can accept a pivot bar that is 5/16" x 3/16", which is very close to your measurements. Specifically, the 15-118 is compatible with our 26-040. Look these parts over and see what you think.
A quick learner from NY NY says:
Thanks very much, Tom.
Order to follow with some other parts.
You rock! It's pretty inspiring how you combine service and sales.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Thank you for the praise, Jean! And for the order, of course. If you ever need anything else, we're happy to help.
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