screen door hanger, roller wheel, rivet nut & screws, screen mesh & spline

A home owner from Leicester, MA says:

Hi, first thank you for this site! Have issues with my sliding screen door and need replacement parts or alternate hacks.

1. Hanger bar piece:

  • approx 34 -5/8" L
  • approx 26-¼" between center of both holes
  • ¼" thick, 1" concave wheels
  • 3/16" offset inside
  • bar height 1-3/4" plus additional ¼" wheel height

Thinking of replacing this piece since the wheels appear to be near end of life, possibly with your hanger, part 84-060, with modifications, replacing the flat edge ¾" wheels, with 1" concave wheels, part 84-014? However would need a replacement for the screws and nut for the wheels, as the hanger piece runs inside a weird track, approx ¾" W x 1-1/4" H (please see in photos with ruler). What replacement would work?

Some measurements are shown for your hanger part, but some are difficult to measure, and if I have to swap out the wheels, it would be difficult to estimate? I think the heights would work, as the offset part below your wheels is 15/16", and I think mine is about that. But the holes where your wheel s are, might be a bit off(?), as the top part of metal on mine is ¾", plus ¼" that my wheel extends past metal top of hanger, and I don?t know how far spaced apart your holes are ? though I could drill new holes in either your hanger or my screen door?

2. Screen door:

  • approx 34-5/8" W x 77-3/4" H x ½" thick
  • no manufacturer markings on screen door, but sliding patio doors say Guardian (condo building built in 1988)
  • might be a Weathershield(?) since bottom rollers appear to be Prime-Line model B668, same as your Weathershield patio roller, part 84-034, which I need
  • screen door should have been attached to the hanger bar piece via 8-32 3/8"(?) screws I think, inserted through rivet nuts in the screen door. The rivet nuts are broken now, likely damaged by a prior owner forcing in improper screws so I think I may need your Rivet nut, part 70-087, and 8-32 3/8" (or possibly 1/2"?) Phillips Truss head screws, part 33-087???
  • also need new screen mesh, and spline (spline channel 3/8?), possibly your screen mesh, part 45-036R, and .27 foam spline, part 59-270 (this is the thickest foam spline? Will it work?), and the screen tool, part 75-068

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Dave Sr. from SWISCO responded:

Thanks for writing in! I more or less agree with most of what you need. However there's a few issues. I'm afraid we don't carry that top screen door rail with wheels like you show in the photos. We only have the 84-060 and honestly I'm not sure if it could work on your screen door. You might be able to just replace the wheel with something like the 84-017. Now, regarding your foam screen spline: patio screen doors normally take the 59-190 size. Just check the screen spline you now have in your door with the ones on the website! Let me know what you think.

A home owner from Leicester, MA says:

Thanks Dave! Yes, 84-017 was the 1" wheel I meant to get but when I realized that I noted the wrong part number, I couldn't edit my post as I'd lost or deleted the email with the link.

I was reading a bunch of other discussions and the responses from Swisco. If I enter "screen door hanger" as criteria in your Search bar, and then click on the Customer Discussion link, there are 3 questions with what looks like the same hanger as mine:

1. Question begins "wheel is nylon, 1" in diameter...", homeowner from Moraga, Ca, 8/27/2017. Paul suggested 84-017, along with a screw and axle. Did that work? If so, it should work for me when my wheels fail.

2. Question begins "Length: 31.75" Height: 1.75" Height...", homeowner from Frederick, MD, 4/17/2015. You suggested to try 84-060, replacing the part's wheel with 84-017. Or try 84-024T, along with getting a piece of metal and fabricating a bar... Did either idea work for the homeowner?

If the offset for 84-024T is the same as on my hanger, just 2 of those might work to replace my entire hanger bar (which is in bad shape, bent up, and original rivet nuts broken from prior owner forcing wrong threaded screws). I'm thinking that I would just need to drill new holes in the screen door, and get 4 of the rivet nuts, and 4 of the 8-32 3/8" (or 1/2"?) truss head screws, and hang my screen door using your hangers, 84-024T.  

3. Question on 2nd page of 22 discussions, begins "Will your 84-017 work as a replacement roller...", contractor from 02879, 8/31/2014. Same as Question 1, did your roller wheel work? Looks to be same hanger bar for all of us. This contractor shows how the hanger bar sits inside the track ? mine is the same setup.If I order all the parts, hopefully one of the options will work. Can I return 84-060, and/or 84-024T, if they don't work? (obviously in original condition without replacing the wheels). As a last resort, I'm thinking I may have to flip the door upside down, as it looks to be the same, and use the new 8-32 truss head screws to hang the door through the bottom rivet nuts which are good condition (don't appear removable, at least not without damaging). Then I'd have to cut holes and flip the handle too. I'd still get the wheels, to be prepared when need arises to replace.For the spline, I was lucky I hadn't thrown out the old yet. I cut a piece and attached pics. It looks to be a bit bigger than 1/8" (as mentioned the channel, is that the term?, in the screen door is 3/8"). Thanks, I did watch the video already. So I should use 59-190?

Thanks for your help!

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Dave Sr. from SWISCO responded:

Thanks for the expansive reply! Unfortunately, we haven't heard back from any one of these customers, so we can't guarantee if these specific measures worked for them. That said, in my own field work I've dealt with similar setups to your own, and I usually opted for replacing just the wheel before with the 84-017 or a wheel of a different size. I find this to be the best, simplest solution. Yes, the 82-024T might work with some modifications, but it's quite a bit more involved--I'd just opt to replace the wheels since it's the more straightforward option, end of story. Finally, if the 59-190 matches your screen size spline (I think it should), yes it will work for you. You can see our Return Policy for any items that don't work out here. Thanks so much for considering our business. 

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