sliding glass door handle.

A home owner from vista california says:
One of our handles has a locking lever that moves but does not engage the release mechanism.
User submitted a photo of patio door hardware.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for posting! So just to confirm, when you move your locking lever up and down, the hooks on the mortise lock don't move? If so, there could be a couple problems. The best thing to do first is make sure exactly what the problem is. Remove the handle and use a screw driver to try and manually engage the hooks. If they work, then the lever may be broken. If they don't work, then the mortise lock is what needs to be replaced. See our 82-240 lever and 82-238 mortise lock, respectively. Let me know what happens!
A home owner from vista california says:
I need help in how to remove the handle. The photo I sent is from another door identical to the broken one. T broken door handle is in the closed door position, and I cannot reach the screws in the handle or in the mortise lock. There is only about 1/4 inch clearance between the front of the handle and the lock.
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Dave Sr. from SWISCO responded:
Ah, I see. That is going to be a problem! You need to remove the cover plate on the inside pull to access the installation screws. I have a few ideas on how you can do this. First, see if you can get a hold of an offset phillps screw driver. You may be able to find something at a local hardware store. If you can get one, see if you can get in between the door and jamb with it.

If that's not a possibility, you could drill into the middle of the outside handle where the key cylinder would go. This should allow you to access the mortise lock, which you can unlock manually with a screwdriver.

In a worst case scenario, you would have to saw off the inside handle. I also recommend asking a locksmith in your area for some ideas.
A home owner from Vista california says:
Got the handle off, the locking lever was fine. I tried using a screw driver to try to engage the hooks, but although the sound indicates something is moving, the door remains locked. I think only one hook is disengaging. I cannot raise or lower the door because the adjustment screw at the bottom of the door is stripped and the door is double size and very heavy. I will try a locksmith next. Another thought is to cut a slit in the moulding to access the hooks and force them open.
A professional from California says:
Usually one hook still works. Cutting into the jamb is unlikely to help. The hook will not disengage. If you have a sawzall, you might be able to cut through the hook, but it is hardened steel. I've gotten lucky once and was able to lift the bottom hook up over the keeper. If the stuck hook is up, I have a method that works, but I'm a couple of hours from Vista.
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