t-slot foam filled window seal

A quick learner from texas says:
I am pretty sure this is t-slot foam filled bubble type window seal. my measuerments are 3/16 for backing and 5/16 for bubble.
User submitted a photo of weatherseal.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
This appears similar to our 58-135, which has a 3/16" base and 3/8" bubble. Could this work for you?
A quick learner from Georgetown, tx says:
I suppose that would be pretty good, I measure it as a 5/16 bubble, but I bet one more 1/16th would be even better. One of your coworkers was nice enough to send me a sample of 3/6 with 5/16 bubble. If it works, I will order 35-40 ft to do all my windows. My only concern at this point is actually getting the 3/16 T-slot base back into the slot. I dont have access to the either end of the slot opening since the windows are installed in the house. I havnt been able to find any videos for installing this type of t-slot when the window is already installed.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Is this weather strip installed on the sash or the window frame? If possible, could see a photo of it installed, or where it's located? That would help us come up with something.
A quick learner says:
I'll take a picture tonight when I get home. So here is the issue. I was able to insert the seal into the slot, basically tucking in the bottom side of backing, then pressing the top half into the slot with a thin screwdriver. I thought the old seal was just too flat to make contact with the bottom of the sash, but after installing the new t-slot bubble sample, the bottom of the sash will not touch the seal. If I press down hard on the window sash, it will make contact with the seal, but I have to press really hard. On the inside of the window, while pressing down really hard, there is a gap between the engaged lock latch and the bottom of the top sash. The bottom sash appears to be parallel to the sill. But I'll take a picture tonight.
A quick learner from Georgetown, Tx says:
Here are the pics, note the gap where the sash is not even close to touching the seal. In both shots, the window is closed and latched by both locking latches. It can be made to go lower if I press down on the lower sash really hard. These are Alenco single hung windows, the house was built in 1996 (I think I mentioned 1986 in previous post). There is a silver "tab" about 2 inches long in the rails on either side of the window close to the top.
User submitted photos of bubble seal.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Hmm... I wonder if one of our off-set bubbles would fill in that gap better. Take a look our 58-182 and the larger 58-183. One of these might do the job. Look them over and see what you think.
A quick learner says:
I am not sure an offset T would work, I feel that it would cause the bubble to extend past the bottom of the window sash. I also took the lower sash off, and with the counter balances removed, the window sits pretty well into the weather strip seal, but if the seal were 3/8, it would be perfect. With the counter balance installed, I can also see that the CB extends past the metal of the window sash. I feel that this is preventing the sash from fully seating. Also, as you can see in the picture, when the window is fully closed, the latch does not contact the upper sash, which allows the lower sash to lift up a little and then it stops contacting the seal.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
In that case, if you use the 58-135 with the hollow 3/8" bulb, this might prevent the sash from kicking up and not fully seating, while the foam fill bulb doesn't give the sash enough play to lock correctly.
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