top window is stuck and will not budge

A quick learner from roanoke va says:
Hoping you can help. Was cleaning my Simonton Prism windows this past weekend. One of the windows is stuck. it is the upper window - double hung vinyl windows. The window will not budge. It is all the way up so I can not get to the tabs. I am thinking the shoe thing is locked? But I can not get to it. There are a couple of bolts on the bottom of the window I can get to - if I take the bolts out (on both sides of the window) will this help so I can lower and remove the window? If that will work, how do I unlock the piece (shoe?) in the jam so it will slide up and down? thanks!

I tried WD-40 - to no avail.

numbers - old number 25134702/03
new number 1790905/02
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Paul from SWISCO responded:

Are you able to tilt in the bottom sash? If so, please send us the photo of the balance system used by this window. That might give us a clue on getting the bottom sash down. Thank you.

A quick learner from roanoke va says:

Yes - I can tilt the bottom window. I am not sure what you are wanting a picture of. what is the balance system?

Also it is the top window that is stuck - not the bottom window

I was checking this out on google - I am pretty sure I have a constant force balance system - it has a coil. But because the top window is stuck, I can not tilt it or get to the balance assembly for the top window. I can tilt and remove the bottom window - it is operating ok.


A quick learner from roanoke va says:
so I was wrong - no coil. here is a picture from the bottom window. thanks!
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Paul from SWISCO responded:

Thank you for your reply. I see that you gave us an up-close shot of the metal center turning cam. If there is any way we can have you send an additional photo showing the complete track with the bottom sash out, that would be very helpful. But let's get back to what you did show us. Based on this photo, it does appear that you do in fact have a coil spring balance system. Your initial suggestion of removing the bottom screws to remove the pivot bar will not work because the pivot bar is inside the sash. See if this tip will help you: Since you placed some WD-40 under the sash track, remove the bottom sash as well as the screen, and grab the bottom rail of the top sash to see if you can force it down. Even if it a few inches, so that way you can tilt it in. Get back to us and let us know if that helps. 

A quick learner from roanoke va says:
thanks for your response. I took out the screen and the bottom window. here are 2 more pictures. the one that has the label "cracked" is I think the issue. the line in the plastic is where I think the piece broke, so it is preventing the window from sliding. I really tried to get the window to slide down just an inch or so but it just won't. there is a little give but not enough to move it so I can tilt it. I am short so I don't have good leverage. Even standing on a step stool. It is hard the grab the window to pull it down. any other thoughts?
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Tom from SWISCO responded:

I think you're right. If your pivot shoe has cracked like that, it could have theoretically kept it stuck in the "locked" position even when it's supposed to be unlocked.

You see, a pivot shoe has two modes: locked and unlocked. In the case of your specific shoe this is determined by the orientation of the U shaped center metal cam. When the U is horizontal (you could call it a C), the shoe is unlocked and the window slides normally. When you tilt the sash in, though, it tilts the C back up to a U, which spreads the nylon shoe housing out and holds it firmly in place in the track.

I'm thinking your shoe is permanently stuck in this position. This isn't exactly a common problem, but I've seen it happen in the past and frankly it's the only explanation that makes sense. Unfortunately, there's not really any special trick to fixing this. Paul's recommendation to try to force it down is really your only option. You need to get the sash out so that you can remove the shoe and balances. There's no other way.

If you're unable to do so, then I recommend calling a local professional to come out and look at your window.

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