will it fit in a vistawall door

A quick learner from Truckee, CA says:
My clubhouse has 4 vistawall doors, very durable but I have not found replacement weather strips. Will the 58-013 fit? The grove appears to be more of a T slot although I can't see it on end. It also looks like the door has two different sizes the other being closer to the 7/16 X 13X32
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Dave Sr. from SWISCO responded:
I am not sure what to recommend to you. Is this the weather stripping on the locking edge of a commercial door? Can you provide pictures?
A quick learner from Truckee, CA says:
Here are a couple of photos, let me know if you need more. All weather strips seem to be different sizes on different parts of the door but if I can start by replacing the main strips ( the photo with the ruler) it will be a good start.
Photo of the existing weatherstripping with ruler.
Additional photo of the existing weatherstripping.
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Paul Sr. from SWISCO responded:
The 58-014 replacement wool pile looks to be a match. Measure you groove to see if the 58-014 will fit. I am currently waiting on VistaWall to see if they have any official recommendations for replacement weatherstripping.
A handy person from Iowa says:
I have the same door as pictured but the whether stripping you suggested looks too tall did you get any other information about this door?
Please advise
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Mike from SWISCO responded:
Sorry for the delay. I was checking to see if we ever did receive any information from VistaWall regarding the weatherstripping for this door. Unfortunately we did not receive anymore information from them. Maybe the original poster of this discussion will chime in if they found a solution or not.
A professional from Seattle says:
Gentlemen, I have searched extensively on line for anyone stocking this entire piece of chanel with the pile pre-installed. I know that it is not put out by Kawneer,Arcadia,Liberty,CRL,or anyone I can find. This is the first site I have stumbled accross that shows the edge of the door with a decent top and edge view so that I could identify the screw-in style. My customer wants to know if it can be "shimmed-out" to further close the reveal that they have on a double entry. I have quoted them on full-surface geared hinges(which is the best solution)but they choked on the price. I believed I was on a mission impossible till I saw these pic. Shimming these out does not seem like a good answer, and seemes as though it would create a new edge that is a potential snag hazard if shimmed out more than 1/16in.

The question remains...Who makes the entire piece? Idid not see it on vistwall's site or anywhere else.......Anyone out there with a solid lead on where to find this would be a saint!!!!!!
A quick learner from Rosiclare, IL 62982 says:
our church has the same doors and I'm in need of the exact same stripping. any further info or confirmation of the recommended 58-014 wool pile?
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Dave Sr. from SWISCO responded:
I'm not quite sure, but it may work with your application. I actually don't know what else you could use in the way of weatherstripping.
A professional from Brentwood CA says:
Have we found a good replacement weatherstipping for this door ? I am in the same spot as everyone else and need new weather stripping for this door.
A professional from Shawnee, KS says:
Same problem as everyone else. Can't find the right weather stripping to fit the Vistawall commercial doors. Anyone out there have success?
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