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FlexScreen Window Insect Screen
Removing FlexScreen from a window.
FlexScreen Window Insect Screen
A flexible window screen frame.
Installing FlexScreen in a window.

The world's
first flexible
window screen

FlexScreen Window Insect Screen
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How Window Screens Were Meant to Be

Easy to use, great looking, and nearly indestructible.

Installing FlexScreen in a double hung window.


Easy To Use

FlexScreen springs into an opening, making installing and removing the screens easy.

Easy To Clean

Traditional screens get in the way when cleaning. FlexScreen's low-profile-design allows water to cascade over the screen bar.

Easy To Store

Because of the low-profile bar design, 10 screens can fit in a 3-inch deep box!

FlexScreen disappears in the screen frame.


Better Looking

FlexScreens disappear in the screen frame, beautifying your window.

A Nicer View

FlexScreen provides a greater viewing area by eliminating the bulky screen bar.

A Match Made

Most screens don't match your window! FlexScreen tucks into the window frame- so there's no colors to match.

FlexScreen features a bendable screen frame.


Dent Resistant

FlexScreen is tough; produced out of carbon enriched spring steel powder coated with PVC.

Break Resistant

Throw it, drop it, abuse it - the frame will not dent or break.

Scratch Resistant

The tough powder coated steel resists scratching and provides protection from the extreme outdoor elements.


Made in the USA

That's right! FlexScreens are made right here in the United States.

Bug Screen

Keep Bugs Out

Make your home a no-fly zone for insects, keeping everyone you love happier and healthier.

Window Screens Reinvented

See why FlexScreen is leading the revolution in screen design.

A Variety of Screen Mesh to Choose From

Standard Fiberglass Screen Mesh

Standard Fiberglass

This insect screening is woven from permanent glass yarn. It is coated with a protective vinyl to improve durability and strength.

UltraVue Screen Mesh


This screen mesh is designed for superior openness to provide a premium view experience and increased airflow.

TuffScreen Pet Screen Mesh


This is a heavy-duty screen that is pet resistant, stronger than regular insect screening, and ideal for use in high traffic areas.

Solar Screen Mesh

Solar Screening

This screen offers the ultimate in insect protection, privacy and outward visibility, while stopping up to 65% of the sun's heat and glare.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to ship FlexScreen?
We offer free shipping on every order shipped within the 48 contiguous United States.
Does FlexScreen ship internationally?
FlexScreen can be shipped to most countries worldwide.
How long will it take to arrive?
FlexScreen will take approximately ten business days to arrive. Our order calculator will give you an estimate before your order is finalized.
Can I measure my old screen?
No, FlexScreen needs to be measured a very specific way depending on your type of window. You can see how we do it here.
Is there a universal size?
There is no universal screen size. It’s important to measure your window carefully to find the FlexScreen that is best for you.
What is Flexscreen made of?
FlexScreen is made of steel powder coated with PVC to provide scratch and weather resistance. We offer a variety of screen meshes.
What screen materials are available?
We offer four types of screen material: Standard Fiberglass, UltraVue, Tuffscreen, and Solar Screening.
What color does it come in?
FlexScreens are only available in black, but the color actually isn't that important. Once installed, the frame is hidden entirely from view.
How does FlexScreen stay in my window?
FlexScreen fits firmly into the screen tracks already existing in most windows.
Can FlexScreen work if my window doesn’t have tracks?
Yes, we offer a stick-on track that you can install in your window to work with FlexScreen
Can FlexScreen be rescreened?
Yes, if your screen material becomes damaged you can replace it with new mesh using our special tool.
Can FlexScreen be used in my screen door?
Unfortunately, FlexScreen cannot be used for screen doors. It is designed only for use in windows.
Does it really flex?
Yes, the steel frame flexes allowing for easy installation.
Can FlexScreen be easily pushed out?
FlexScreen is made to flex easily out of the window frame. Note: Screens are never designed to prevent children and pets from falling out of a window.
Is FlexScreen safe to use in salt-air environments?
Yes, FlexScreen is made of a PVC powder-coated steel that resists corrosion.
Is there a minimum or maximum size?
Yes, FlexScreen has size limitations; however, it will work for most window sizes. Visit our ordering page to see what size you need.
Can I return FlexScreen?
FlexScreen is a custom made item and cannot be returned.
Can I place my order over the phone?
Yes, we are available Monday to Friday, 8AM to 4:30PM EST. You can reach us at 856-317-6262.
Is there a quantity discount?
Yes, we offer a quantity discount for 5 or more screens. Screen sizes can be mixed for a greater discount.
What does "order by size" do?
"Order by size" is a shortcut option for those who already know what size they need and how to measure for a new FlexScreen.
Is it possible to hire someone to come out to my home?

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