How to replace the E.Z.D. Glazer handle

The EZD Glazer is produced in the United States using the best materials available and with proper care will provide a long and useful service. The tool was designed to aid in the de-glazing of glass which as been bedded into materials commonly used in the window industry including silicone, foam tapes, and numerous other materials engineered to remain flexible throughout their service life. Use of the EZD glazer is not recommended for glass bedding into glazing putty or similar materials which harden with time.

The cutting blade is designed to lay flat on the glass surface and slide into the glazing pocket. Tests have shown a small amount of soapy water or other lubricate will facilitate this action. It is important the tool be used in this manner as torqing the blade may result in damage to the tool or injury to the user. Care should be exercised, as with any cutting instrument, and proper gloves and safety glasses should always be worn. It is recommended that the tool be stored in its storage bag when not in use.

The handle has been glued on using an expoxy cement. To remove handle:
Step 1
Remove the cap nut, 3/8 washer, hand guard, and the lock washer.
Step 2
Apply heat to the exposed threads; this will soften the cement and free the handle.
Step 3
The handle and guard can now be replaced
Step 4
It is important the handle be re-cemented using a high quality epoxy.
Illustration of how to replace the E.Z.D. Glazer handle
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