How to install the 40-077 storm door closer

This installation guide explains how to install the SWISCO 40-077 Standard Storm Door Closer.

Step 1
At desired height mark the hinge side of the door frame for the jamb bracket 1/4" in from the face of the storm and screen door and at least 1/2" down from the top of the frame. Be sure the open side of the bracket and arrow faces the door. Drill four pilot holes and fasten the bracket with 4 long screws as shown. Place the 'Hold-Open Washer' on the rod in front of lugs as shown for correct tension. Use the short pin to connect closer rod to the bracket.
BEFORE locating the door bracket, be sure that lugs on the rod are resting against the 'Hold-Open Washer'. This will give the proper tension setting for the closer. AFTER completed installation, move the 'Hold-Open Washer' behind the lugs on the rod.
Step 2
Attach the door bracket to the closer with the long pin as shown. With the door tightly closed and latched, hold the closer and door bracket in level position and mark the center hole of each slot and drill two pilot holes. Fasten to the door with 2 short screws as shown. The closer is now ready to operate. Open the door and move the 'Hold-Open Washer' behind the lugs on the rod. The close speed is regulated by turning the adjustment valve clockwise to decrease the speed, counter-clockwise to increase the speed.
Install as directed above, the closer is in a maximum latching power position (pin in front of the hole). If less latching power is required, hold the door open about 8" with the 'Hold-Open Washer'; pull the long pin and reconnect in rear hole.
Positioning the 40-077 storm door closer for installation. Positioning the installation bracket.
Warning diagram of the hold-open washer. Connecting the installation pin on the 40-077 storm door closer.
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