How to install the 40-077G out-swinging storm door closer

This installation guide explains how to install the SWISCO 40-077G outswinging storm door replacement closer.
Choose the mounting location of the replacement storm door closer
  • A) See Fig 2 for mid storm door installation.
  • B) See Fig 3 for top of the storm door installation.
Jamb Bracket
Position the jamb bracket on the jamb as indicated in Fig 1. Straight side of the jamb bracket should be 2-1/8" away from the inside of the door frame face. Arrow on the jamb bracket must point towards the storm door. *Make sure the closer will be level.
For top installation (jamb bracket)
Leave 1" from the head jamb of the door frame to the jamb bracket. See Fig 3. Mark the screw locations. Fasten the four 1-1/4" screws.
  1. Slip the hold open washer over the rod. Extend the rod from the closer and position the hold open washer behind the lugs. See Fig 6. Groove mark should be visual from the end of the cylinder. See Fig 6.
  2. With the door completely closed, slip the end of the rod into the jamb bracket and insert the short pin. With the storm door closer in a level position, connect the door closer to the front hole in the door bracket with the long pin provided. See Fig 4. Hold against the storm door and mark the screw holes. Do not adjust the hold open washer from step 1. This will give the proper tension for the setting of the storm door closer. See Fig 5. Season Adjustment: The above setting is suited for a glass storm panel. For a screen panel use, hold the door open with the hold-open washer 8" and relocate the long pin to the rear hole of the closer at the door bracket. See Fig 4.
  3. Use a center punch to mark the drilling location DRILL THE INNER PANEL ONLY. Drill using a 1/8" drill bit. Fasten with 10 x 3/4" screws.
  4. After installation in completed, move hold open-washer behind the lugs on the rod. See Fig 6. *If the rod does not return, it may be necessary to adjust the regulating screw. See Fig 4.
Figure 1: positioning the jamb bracket Figure 2: mid door installation Figure 3: top of door installation Figure 4: adjust regulating screw Figure 5: installing storm door closer Figure 6: installing storm door closer
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