How to replace the Keller Series 303 Window Balances

  1. Remove blinds or shades

  2. There should be a plastic U shape stop (55-043) at the top of window in track, remove these window stops.

  3. Raise window sash to the top and push the window sash into the left track and pivot/pull out the sash from the right. Note: make sure the balances disengage from the forks in the side window tracks. After the balances are disengaged pull out sash.

  4. You will see metal tubes (Series 303) with a spiral coming out with a nylon shoe attached. Remove both balance tubes. Install new balance tubes by screwing the tubes in at top of the window track, wind the the internal spirals a couple times to add a little tension, (adjust tension after window sash is installed), place the nylon shoe behind the metal fork (the fork is screwed in the middle of the track)

  5. Replace both top and bottom fittings (18-002, 17-018, 17-019) on the window sash

  6. Take window sash and place high into the window opening, push the sash into the left side of the track and swing sash back into place. Next, slowly bring down the sash to engage into the nylon shoe. Add tension to the spiral balances as needed on each side, keep the number of turns the same on both sides.

  7. Re-install the nylon window sash stop (55-043)
How to replace the Keller Series 303 Window Balances
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