How to adjust a spiral balance on a non-tilt window

  1. Pull down window sash.
  2. Insert balances in top of the sash groove with attaching bracket end down.
  3. Attach balance with screw in center of sash run so the top end of balance is against the header of the master frame.
  4. Prop sash up with a stick.
  5. Attach metal brackets using two screws for each balance.
  6. Tension balances after installing both balances in top sash. Use appropriate adjusting tool: # 75-005 insert hooked end in hole in spiral rod. Do not pull spiral rod more than two inches out of balance to tension, as it is likely to be bent if pulled out further, this will ruin the balance. To apply tension, rotate tool clockwise and then push the brass cross pin up into the latch in bracket and remove tool. Apply equal tension to each balance until sash is correctly balanced. To remove tension twist tool slightly clockwise and pull cross pin down out of its seat in latch.
  • Be sure spiral rod is not bent in handling or in tensioning.
  • Do not apply more tension than necessary to balance the sash. The same number of turns should be applied to each balance.
  • Be sure balances are centered exactly in sash run.
  • Be sure metal bracket is mounted in far enough to prevent it from rubbing on the side jamb of window.
Diagram of how to adjust a spiral balance on a non-tilt window