How to adjust a spiral balance on a tilt window

  1. First, tilt the window sash downward to expose the balance shoe. Then, grasp the bottom of the internal spiral with the tensioning tool and rotate slightly to the right.
    How to grasp the internal spiral.
  2. At the same time, pull the internal spiral downward.
  3. Slip internal spiral away from the pivot lock shoe.
  4. With the internal spiral disconnected from the pivot lock shoe, hold the end of the internal spiral rod about two inches away from the outer tube.
    How to position the internal spiral
  5. Apply tension to both sides equally, not exceeding four turns at a time.
    • If sash is dropping, add tension by rotating rod clockwise. Do not exceed more than two full turns at a time, doing both sides equally. Reconnect rod, repeat process if needed.
    • If sash is pulling up, less tension is required. Do both sides equally; rotate rod counter-clockwise one turn. Reconnect rod; repeat process if needed.