How to replace an accessory on a channel balance

  1. Carefully drill through the existing rivet using the SWISCO 75-502 3/32" drill bit. Drill through the crimped side of the rivet. If you have trouble pulling out the rivet use snips to cut the rivet and remove the rivet completely.
    Drill out old rivet from the channel balance.
  2. Remove the old channel balance accessory and slide in the new one. Align the holes so that you can insert the new rivet.
    Place new accessory in the channel balance.
  3. Place the balance on a solid surface (like a metal plate) with the flat end of the rivet facing down. Place the tip of the SWISCO 75-075 rivet punch tool into the top open end of the rivet.
    Tap the new rivet in the channel balance.
  4. Firmly tap the top end of the rivet punch tool with a hammer to crimp the rivet.
    Punch the new rivet in the channel balance.
  5. After the rivet is crimped, gently tap the crimped end of the rivet to flatten.
    Flatten the new rivet in the channel balance.
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