Installing a Series 775 Balance

Learn how to install a Series 775 channel balance to make your window sash raise and close smoothly again.

SWISCO’s Series 775 Channel Balance for tilt windows features a 9/16” wide metal channel with an internal spring and pulley mechanism to raise and lower the window sash. This step-by-step guide will demonstrate how to install replacements.

Sold fully assembled with a 19-036 top mounting screw support and a bottom attachment called a wedge, available in 1″ and 1-1/4″ widths.

The Series 775 balance can also be used to replace the discontinued Series 850 and 860 balances. Replace your old crossbow balance by rounding down the length a half-inch, then weigh your window sash to choose a proper weight option. Next, follow our steps for installing yours.

WARNING: Since the balances are under a lot of tension, wear safety glasses, and use caution at all phases of this repair.

Step 1
Disengage the tilt latches and tilt the window open toward you to remove the sash. Remove the old channel balance from the window channel.

01 Remove The Old Balance

Pro Tip: If the balance is stuck, use a slotted screwdriver in the space where the pivot bar usually goes and turn the shoe. This will unlock it and allow you to slide it up, so you can remove the balance. WARNING: Be sure to keep a firm grip on the screwdriver.

Step 2
Fasten the top of the new Series 775 channel balance into the window track using a screw.

02 Fasten The New Balance

Step 3
With the top of the new Series 775 channel balance fastened securely to the window track, carefully pull out the shoe approximately 8″. The shoe is attached to the block and tackle pulley string at the base of the balance. You will feel resistance when you pull out the shoe.

03 Pull Out The Shoe

Step 4
Pull the balance cord down to create slack on the string and shoe. We suggest using a pair of locking pliers to do so, but if the window is lighter like the one shown here, it can be done with your hand.

04 Create Slack

Pro Tip: Series 775 balances made for heavier windows will have a great pull and it is a better idea to use locking pliers instead of your finger.

Step 5
With the end of the shoe pointing up, place the shoe into the window track.

05 Place The Shoe Into The Track

Step 6
After the shoe is in the window track, you can carefully let go of the channel balance pull string. Your shoe should fit into the window track. To complete the replacement, reinstall the sash back into place.

06 Let Go Of The String

For any additional help at any point of this replacement project, reach out to our experts through our online discussion board.

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