Installation Instructions for the 10-071 Shower Door Roller Assembly

Step 1
Insert all six roller assemblies (A) onto the curved track (B).
Diagram of how to install the 10-071 roller assembly onto the curved track.
Step 2
Insert curved top track (B) into plastic joints (C).
Diagram of how to insert the curved top track into the plastic joint.
Step 3
Screw fixed panels to top track (B) using 2 screws (G) per panel.
Diagram of where to screw the fixed panels to the top track.
Step 4
Identify sliding panels and align supports (D) with roller assemblies.

Insert cap screws (E) through roller assemblies into panels (6 screws).

When fastening cap screws, apply pressure below to panel so as to hook retainers (F) in place.

Do not tighten.
Diagram of inserting cap screws into panels.
Step 5
Check alignment of sliding panels.

Adjust alignment of sliding panels using the cap screws.
Diagram of how to adjust the sliding panels using the cap scrws.
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