How to install the 40-214 Security Door Lever Mortise Lock Set

Note: Be sure to determine if latch bolt is in the correct position before installation. (See instructions & Diagram 1 below).
  1. Slide lock housing into door frame, making sure that the radius of the latch bolt is in the correct position.

  2. Using pre-drilled holes in both top and bottom of lock housing as a guide, determine proper location and drill two 1/8" diameter holes into the door frame. Secure lock housing to door frame, using two of the supplied #8 self-tapping screws (A) - Diagram 3.
    Do not over-tighten screws, this may cause threads to strip.

  3. Position inside handle on the door and insert square spindle through door and lock housing. Position into the outside handle.

  4. Position inside handle on the other end of the square spindle. Loosely fasten inside and outside handles together using #8 self-tapping screws provided (B)- Diagram 3, (some movement of handles is necessary in order to complete step 5).

  5. Turn the lock cam to the up position by inserting the key (if you have a double keyed locking cylinder) or thumb turn (if you have a thumb turn and key locking cylinder). Slide the lock cylinder through the handles and lock housing. Secure the lock cylinder with the brass machine screw supplied (C) Diagram 3. Check to make sure lock functions. Tighten screws inside and outside.

  6. Close screen door and mark location of latch bolt and dead bolt on door jamb.

  7. In order to insure that the latch bolt and dead bolt easily enter the door jamb when the dead bolt is in the locked position, it is necessary to remove enough wood from behind the strike plate. Strike plate should be flushed with door jamb. Using three of the #8 self-tapping screws supplied (Diagram 2), secure strike plate to door jamb.

  8. Diagram 1
    Lever and Latch Bolt of 40-186 Security Lock
Note: The radius of the latch bolt should face the inside door stop when door is closed.

Latch bolt may not be in the position you desire because of right and left hand swinging doors. In order to change the direction of the latch bolt, follow these instructions.
  1. Disassemble the handle set.

  2. Press lever handle down approximately 30 degrees and remove the single phillips screw (A)- Diagram 1. Release the lever handle. The latch bolt is now free to be removed.

  3. Rotate latch bolt 180 degrees as shown in Diagram 1. Press down the lever handle and reinsert the latch bolt. While handle is still depressed, replace and tighten screw (A). Release handle.
Diagram 2
Lever and Latch Bolt of 40-186 Security Lock
Diagram 3
Lever and Latch Bolt of 40-186 Security Lock
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