How to Insert and Remove the HYDE Razor Scraper Blades

Instructions on how to insert and remove the razor blades from the HYDE Heavy Duty Razor Scraper 13050.

To Insert the Razor Blade
  1. Grasp the razor blade backing as shown and insert into the clamp groove as far as it will freely go.

  2. Complete the blade insertion by pressing the exposed end of the blade on a benchtop, as shown, until the blade is fully seated.
To Remove the Razor Blade
  1. Grasp the tool handle (A). Expose 1/4" of the blade. Rest the exposed side of the blade on the bench corner with the blade stop at the bottom.

  2. Using pliers, extract the blade from the clamp by grasping the razor blade backing (B).
Diagram of how to replace the blade in a 13050 Hyde glass scraper
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