40-006 In-swinging Door Bracket Installation

This installation guide explains how to install the SWISCO in-swinging door bracket 40-006 .

Step 1
Install the in-swinging door bracket at the upper edge of the door as shown in the image. Note the 2" distance from the edge of the door.
Step 2
Hook the closer rod onto the bracket. Hold the closer tube level and install the screws in the bracket at the end of the tube. Note - be sure the 'hold open washer' is ahead of the lugs on the rod as shown.
Step 3
With the connecting pin, attach the door bracket to the front hole of the closer tube. Open the door slightly and move the 'Hold Open Washer' behind the lugs on the rod.
Step 4
Adjust the control screw at the end of the tube for desired closing speed.
Diagram of the 40-006 door bracket installation.