foam tape for Kinco windows

A quick learner from USA says:

I googled Kinco and found that you sell some parts for their windows now that they are defunct.

I have two drop-down windows nominally 20" x 36" for a total of 40" x 72". Not sure if drop-down is the correct term. Anyway the windows are designed to be used to pass through plates and dishes on a countertop. As a result, there is no bottom frame, the windows close directly on the countertop.

The foam tape that completed the closure fit in a groove at the bottom of the window that is 5/8" wide. The gap from the bottom of that groove to the outer flange that extends down the farthest is almost another 5/8". The gap from the bottom of that flange to the countertop is about 1/8.

So what I need is some foam tape that is 5/8" wide and 5/8" thick at a minimum but ideally 3/4" thick. I can't find it at Ace, Home Despot, Lowe's or the one window place I've checked so far.

If foam tape in those dimensions is not available, is there some kind of seal that uses a hollow rubber gasket like those used for doors and sometimes for garage door bottoms?
Thanks for your help.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Thank you for posting. I'm not sure what you have exactly, Jay. Could I see a few pictures of your existing foam tape? I would need to see its shape, so pictures of its profile are essential.
A quick learner from USA says:
Enclosed are two pictures of the Kinco windows and the groove on the bottom The first picture is out of focus but I think it shows pretty clearly that the width of the grove is 1/2 inch The second picture shows the depth of the groove - though it appears to be 1/2 inch due to the angle it is really 9/16 These windows close directly onto a countertop so there is no bottom frame for the window. They originally came with what appeared to be foam glued directly into the groove with no backing on the foam. I think that what I need is either sticky-back foam tape that is 1/2" in width and 5/8" deep to go in the groove; or possibly a hollow plastic gasket like those used for door jambs. The latter would probably be more durable than the foam. Thanks for your help. I'll try to forward better pictures; I didn't realize how bad these were. Jay Stannard
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Your photo shows a groove on the inside part of sash, which your ruler measures as 9/32". Would our 58-105, which has a height of 11/32", work for you? To install, unscrew the side screw of the sash and pull it away so that you can slide the wool pile in the groove.
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