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A home owner from NC says:
Although my weatherstripping (3/16 X 3/16) for my double hung replacement windows is not particularly worn, I have always had cold drafts in the winter and would like to replace. In looking head on at some of the windows, it is apparent that the windows don't fit the openings as they should ..... for example, I can tilt the window in and see that the stripping is squashed at the top of the window but not worn at all at the bottom.I was wondering your thoughts about getting 3/16 X 1/4 like product 58-127 to make the windows tighter??? Being that this product has a center fin, I'm a little afraid that the windows won't close. Is there a 3/16 X 1/4 without a fin and do you think the windows will close going with 1/4 pile height instead of the original 3/16?

I am a senior female. The video makes installation look so easy I think I should be able to do this project; however, I don't think I am strong enough to take the windows out and get them back in .... do you think the installation can be done without removing the windows or would the job be compromised? What tools would be required to do it this way? ... do I have to have needle nose pliers?, do I need a splineing (sp?)tool even though my windows do have tracks to slide the stripping in?, can scissors cut through the stripping?.

Thank you for your assistance. Great website!

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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Hello, Caroline! I'm happy to hear you like our website. I think we can help you replace this wool pile, but we will need some more information. In order to get an idea of what kind of wool pile will make a tighter fit, I will need to see some pictures of what you're working with. Specifically, I need you to tilt the sash in and expose the weatherstrip so that I can see it clearly.

As for replacement, I'm afraid you have to remove the sash to replace the wool pile. You won't be able to swap it out while it's still installed.
A quick learner says:
Dear Paul,

Thank you for your quick response to my email. You may not be able to help me after all as I don't have a data plan on my cell phone so I can't send a picture. I would certainly think I could add another 1/16" of pile height but have my doubts about product 58-127 due to the center fin. 3/16 X 1/4 not available without fin?

Is there anything I can do to increase the tightness while keeping my existing stripping? Why is it that I cannot install wool pile stripping without removing the sash? Is it not flexible enough? Looks like I should be able to just slide it into and through the track.

If I must remove and replace the sashes for installation, do you have a how-to video? I have had windows come out while cleaning and only by the grace of God, got them back in because of the chain tension.

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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Sure, check out our video on removing and installing tilt window spiral balances. I'll post it here for you.
In the video, it shows how to remove and install a typical window sash. To remove the wool pile weatherstripping, you almost always need to take the sash frame slightly apart to open the corners so you can remove the wool pile. I can't think of any way to tighten a sash's weather strip without replacing it. A local handy person may be better able to help you.
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