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As The Replacement Hardware Authority, we live by the rule, “you should replace hardware with exactly what you had originally.” Tie bar guides are one of the very few exceptions to that rule and we’re going to tell you why.

A tie bar guide is a small, simple piece of hardware commonly used in casement window multi-point locking systems. These systems often include a tie bar, which is a long and flat piece of metal used to secure the window sash to the frame when the window is locked. The guide’s function is to help stabilize the tie bar as it moves up and down while being locked and unlocked. 

This project can be tackled by just one person using a Philip’s head screwdriver and the chosen replacement guide. Both our 39-417 and 39-448 guides are suitable for tie bars up to ½” wide by ⅛” deep. 


Depending on the height and weight of your window, there may be multiple tie bar guides. Remove any damaged guides from the top or bottom of the tie bar to replace them.

To get started, open the window for access to the tie bar. Then, unfasten the installation screws holding the tie bar guide in place.

Depending on the location of the guide, slide it to the top or bottom of the bar to remove it. 


To install the new guide, adjust it to line it up to where the original guide was positioned on the tie bar, then fasten it using the original screws.

In case the new guide does not line up to an existing installation hole, you may need to drill a new one. If that is the case, make sure to drill past the vinyl and into the wood to anchor the installation screw.

If the depth of the new tie bar guide differs from the original, pack washers behind it before fastening to match the original depth.

Pro Tips:


• Tie bar guides come in many different shapes.

• As long as the guide will fit on your tie bar, it will make a suitable replacement for your window.

If you’d like a more hands-on walkthrough of this installation, watch a SWISCO representative demonstrate the process using our 39-417 tie bar guide from start to finish in the video below!

  • Anonymous

    3 years ago

    I am going to wait for the right Tie Bar guide for our window. Thank You. I think the gentleman I talked to on the phone when I ordered the replacement, said there was about a month back order. We are still waiting.

    Thank you,
    Ruthie Myers

    • Anonymous

      3 years ago

      Hi Ruthie,

      Sounds great! We appreciate your patience. Let us know how the repair works out once you’re able to complete it!

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