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SWISCO’s 10-139 Bottom Hook Guide connects to the bottom track via hooks. This article details how to remove and replace this type of guide.

First, slide the shower doors to one side of the tub, then remove the old shower door guides. 


NOTE: If the screws are difficult to remove, apply some WD-40 to loosen them up.


Next, tilt the new 10-139 Bottom Hook Guide into the track base. Align the hook guide at a 90-degree angle as demonstrated below.


Align the existing spacer with the new hook guide before reinstalling the door and attaching the spacer and guide securely.


If you are not certain that the 10-139 is what you need, send pictures of your guide removed from the door to’s discussion board and our team of experts will be happy to research what products might work for you.

  • Anonymous

    3 years ago

    Hello, I purchased the hook guide, but I do not have an existing spacer. I recently moved into a new home and the shower door was broken upon arrival. Where can I find a spacer online? I could not locate one on your website, as well as am having a difficult time finding one online anywhere.

    Thank you!

    • Anonymous

      3 years ago

      Hi, congrats on the new home! If your existing spacer is missing, I would suggest reaching out to our experts. They should be able to recommend some sort of shim.

  • Anonymous

    2 years ago

    How do you remove the old hook guide? It’s sort of disintegrated, except for a bit. Also , have no spacer. Thanks

    • Casey Rosevelt

      1 year ago

      The original spacer should be attached with screws. You can apply some WD-40 if you’re having a hard time removing them. Unfortunately, we don’t carry replacement spacers but you may be able to find material that you can use at a local hardware store if you need a spacer. Thanks for commenting.

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