23 inch (1/2 inch) Side Load Single Hung Balance Springs and Top Sash Guides

A landlord from Roswell, Ga says:
23 inch (1/2 inch) Side Load Single Hung Balance Springs.

The Balance Springs are stamped 2220v.

I think I need Series 380 or 385 but I cannot tell the difference.

Pictures are attached.

I also need Top Sash Guide. Picture are enclosed. I cannot find anything to match. Do you have anything that will work?

When installing the Balance springs there is a square hole below the retaining clips and a round hole below that. Which one do I hook on to?
A customer submitted image of their channel balance hardware.
A landlord from Roswell, Ga says:
Since my original post, I looked at your answers to others and found out I need to measure the shoe. The 15-005 measures 1" front to back. This agrees with my measurement. It appears that I need S380-23 Shoes. Does that agree with the pictures?

I did find a top sash guide that looks like it will work. Do you have the Norandex 900-18140W? I could not find it in your catalogue.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for posting! I can't really tell just by eyeballing your picture, but your shoe does appear on the thin side. If it has a 1" depth like our 15-005, then our Series 380 seems like the best choice.

As for the top sash guide, this looks a lot like our 18-161. Is this what you were looking at? How do the dimensions match up?
A landlord from Roswell, Ga says:
Tom thank you for your fast reply. I have place the order for the balance springs and the top sash guides.

I have one more question. The installation video for the balance says to put the hook fo the balance spring and attach it to the punched hole. There are two holes below the take oup clip. The first hole is square hole and a round hole. Which one to I use?
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
The hole shown in our video is rectangular. Do you think your square hole is more like that? If so, I would use that one.
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