Alenco Aluminum Window Replacement Balancer

A quick learner from Carrollton, TX says:
Alenco is the name on the window lock. Channel measures 9/16" so would be considered a 1/2". Length of metal channel is 28 1/16". Stamped on the metal is the number 270. I'm not sure if I've used the correct angles to take the pics of the parts from for identification purposes. Please let me know and I can take others.
User submitted photos of a window balance.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Hey, thanks for posting. I've narrowed this down to two possible channel balance Series: either our Series 351 or our Series 390 balances.

Now, as you can see, there is only one difference between these two Series, and that is their bottom shoe. The Series 351 uses the 15-002 while the Series 390 uses the 15-001. I can't quite tell what you have based on your pictures, though. Please carefully compare their dimensions to your own hardware and see which is a better match.
Alternate view of 15-002
A quick learner from carrollton, tx says:
Thanks for responding. I've attached a more detailed photo of the shoe I have. It measures just over 1 1/16" from toe to heel. Does the shape of the shoe have to be an exact match for the replacement? If i had to pick on I think the 15-002. Please let me know what you think is closest based on the latest photo. What are the possible problems I'll encounter if I get the wrong shoe?
A customer submitted image of their channel balance shoe.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
It doesn't need to be the exact same shape, as long as it's close. However, I don't think you should go with the 15-002, as that is only 1". It is far more likely that your shoe was original 1-1/8" deep and has simply worn down with time. Looking at your picture, it actually looks like it's 1-1/8" deep, anyway, but it's hard to tell.

If your shoe is too thick, then the balance won't slide comfortably in the jam. However, you can always just grind it down a little bit and it would work fine.
A quick learner from carrollton,tx says:
If I need to grind the shoe do i do so at the toe or heel?

I'll go w/ your suggestion of the series 390 using the 15-001 shoe. Next question is the stamp 270 on my channel corresponds w/ your 1720? I weighed the sash & it's 19.5 pounds. Is it correct the two balances combine to handle the total weight of the sash? So in this case the two 1720 balances can together support a total sash weight between 16-24 pounds?

The length of my channel measured 28 1/16". I imagine that I would order the 28" length channel balance?

I will also need to replace the two top sash guides. Please advise the best replacement. If you need additional information let me know.
User submitted photos of a top sash guide.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Thank you for your patience. If your sash weighs 19.5 pounds, then I recommend the 2740 option. Two balances with this option can hold a sash weight of 19 through 26 pounds.

I do think your metal channel is 28", yes.

For the top sash guide, check out our 18-009.
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