Andersen replacement balance

A home owner from Texas says:
I've done my research. Both the "how to replace" as well as finding the correct part. I would like some help cross referencing Andersen's part number to your Swisco part number.

What I have is: (Trust me that the Andersen # is correct re: visible glass specs.)

Andersen # 3452 (I'll need 18 of these)
Andersen # 2852 (x 4)
Andersen # 3062 (x 4)

I'm doing a total of 13 windows. They are about 30 years old and the cords have been breaking over the past several years. Finally got inspired to replace the balances. I'll be replacing both sides even if only one is broken. Also, please verify that there is no 'right' and 'left' balance.

I appreciate your help.

Ken T
Bellville TX

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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Sure thing. For the #3452, see our 24-1231. For the #2852, see our 24-1033. Finally, for the #3062, see our 24-13L and 24-13R. The 24-1231 and 24-1033 can be used for both the left and right side, but the 24-13L and 24-13R each have to go on the left and right side, respectively.
A quick learner from Texas says:
Thanks, Paul. I'm about ready to order but have a follow up question regarding the jamb liners.

Our windows are almost 30 years old. When removing the jamb liners yesterday, the one on the left side seemed stiff and I was afraid it would crack as I flexed it to pull it out of the window channel.

The head liner was a real pain. I could not get the leading edge (edge toward the room running the width of window) to ever break loose from the top jamb. The liner just sort of folded down and stayed in place along that leading edge. I was afraid to force it, lest I break it. I was able to remove a balance but it was very hard to get that head liner back in place because I was unable to bow it in to insert the two ends.

So, I'm wondering if I should expect some liner damage, considering the age of the plastic, as I begin work on 13 windows. Just how much flex can they take? Also, any suggestions on getting that front edge of the head liner to turn loose? I'm hoping all the other windows won't give me such a hard time.

One other thing... seems like it would make things easier if I removed the right side jamb liner. Then, once the head liner is back in place I can reinstall both side liners. No instructions or videos that I have watch instruct you to remove the right liner, though.

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Paul from SWISCO responded:
I've known many service people who have made a slippery solution of soap and water, which they would apply with a spray bottle. You could even try spraying Windex along the edges where the vinyl locks in. That may loosen the track for it's removal.

For some reason, Andersen only makes the bottom left side jamb removable. I'm not sure why this is, as it can be frustrating. If you're nervous about it, you should contact a local professional who is experienced with Andersen windows. They could do it for you.
A quick learner from Texas says:
Thanks again, Paul. The right right jamb cover, though a one piece, is still just screwed in and looks like it would be easy enough to remove. Are you advising against that?
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
It may not be a good idea. Andersen did not these windows to work that way. If you think you can do it without damaging the window, though, then maybe it's worth a shot.
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