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A home owner from Butler says:
I am going too order some balances for nuprime seasonal all replacements. I think they are 390.However some of them are 28.5 inches. Are they available or do I need to get 28 or 29. Thanks
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for posting! Before we suggest anything, can you confirm that you are only measuring the metal channel? Could you also show us a couple pictures of the balance in question? Specifically, I'd like to see the nylon fittings. I just want to confirm that it is the Series 390 channel balance. If it is, and if the metal channel is 28.5", we can custom make it. All I'd have to know then would be the stamp printed on the metal channel. Let me know!
A home owner from butler pa says:
Measured metal to metal
Picture shows 28 inch and 26.5 inches.
User submitted photos of a window balance.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Thank you! This is a huge help. Yes, we can custom make a Series 390 channel balance with a 28.5" length, that's no problem. Can you just tell me what the stamp reads on the metal channel? Can you also tell me how many S390-28.5 balances you will need?
A home owner from butler pa says:
Here is what I need-

26.5 inches 2630
28 2720
28 2820
Two- 28.5 2830
30.5 3030

Six sash guides top of sash 18-031 ?
Three locks 90-042
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Thank you for clarifying exactly what you need. Looks like you have three balance types that need to be custom made, and two normal balances. However, you only gave the quantity for one of them. Can you specify exactly how many of each balance you need? Please go through them one at a time using the following codes as reference:

Custom Balances
1) S390-26.5, 2630
2) S390-28.5, 2830
3) S390-30.5, 3030

Normal Balances
1) S390-28, 2720
2) S390-28 (Please confirm the option for this. If the length of the metal channel is 28", the stamp should read 2720, like the one above it, not 2820.)

This is of course assuming all of them have the same Series.

You can add the two normal balances to your cart on our site now, if you wish. Once you give me the quantities of the custom balances, I will send you a special link that will allow you to add the custom parts to your cart, as well. Once everything is in your cart, you can checkout as normal.
A home owner from butler pa says:
The custom ones needed-
1. S390-26.5,2630
2. S390-28.5,2830
3. S390-28.5,2830
4. S390-30.5,3030

The two normal 28 inch ones have different stamps
-one has 2820 and the other has 2720.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Thank you. I still need to know how many of each custom balance you want. That is the last piece of information we need. You have not yet specified. Once we know the quantity of each balance, we can get started.

It's curious that one of your 28" long balances has a stamp of 2820. It may have once been 29" but was cut down. Sounds like the original installers had only a certain kind of balance on hand and had to chop them up to get them to work! Either way, I would go with the 2720 option for both.
A quick learner from butler pa says:
One each as listed for a total of 4 custom balances.
Two of the four are the same 28.5.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Thank you! There is actually a minimum purchase quantity of two for these custom balances. I have emailed you an order link for each one. You can use these to place your order.
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