Casement Windows with no operators/limiters/stops

A quick learner from Vancouver, BC says:
Hi - I'm hoping to figure out how these windows were controlled back in the 40s when my apartment building was built.

They are casement windows, that may once have had any type of operator on them, but I see no signs of any. There is a small post on the sill that looks like it could have held a bar or something but I can't see any way of attaching anything to the metal edge of the actual window frame. All parts are metal.

Hoping you can suggest a part to use to stop the windows from blowing around and slamming in the breeze. They open flush to the outside of the building and as far as I know, they are original windows. Photo attached.

Thank you very much.
A user submited photo of window operator
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Dave Sr. from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for posting! This is a very old part. I think some type of push bar might work--something like our 39-077 Casement Window Adjuster. However, I don't see any room on the sash to install this kind of bracket. I say this because if you where to install the end bracket onto the sash, you could damage or even break the glass. I suggest you ask some of the other people in your building and see what they use on their windows.
A quick learner from Vancouver says:
Thanks very much Dave. Yes, there really is no room on the sash and I have concerns about installing anything with screws. Lower floors in the building have some type of crank operator so may check with them to see.

The entire top floor of the building where my apartment is has the same windows with no limiters so I suspect that these windows never had any operator to begin with.

Would it be possible to attach an adjuster with some kind of strong rare earth magnet rather than screws? I imagine that would invite disaster if it failed and fell out the window though. Are there any other attachment methods I could consider?

Best wishes

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Dave Sr. from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for getting back to us, Janet. I'm not sure if anything like that will work. It might be more trouble than it's worth.

I'll be honest with you: your window is very old. It is most likely very cold in the winter and hot in the summer. It's also steel and single pane glass. You might want to look into a newer insulated window. Today's windows are thermally superior and you can also find some options with self cleaning glass. You might save money in the long run.
A quick learner from Canada says:
Hi Dave - I hear you and would replace the windows if I owned the suite. Unfortunately the building owner will not update the windows.

Thanks for your advice. I really appreciate it.

Best wishes.
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