Channel Balance 2690 FG BSI

A home owner from San Jose, California says:
Can you please tell me how to order a replacement channel balance for the one shown in the attached photos?

The markings are

The length is 27"

Thank you.
A customer submitted photo of channel balance attachments.
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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for posting. Before I can confirm what Series channel balance you have, I'll have to figure out what bottom your bottom shoe is. Please look at the measurements for our 15-001 and 15-002 bottom shoes and note their depths. As you can see, they are 1-1/8" deep and 1" deep, respectively. Which measurement more closely resembles your own shoe?

Please also tell me the weight of your window sash.
A home owner says:
Thanks Tom, for your quick reply. The bottom shoe is slightly less than 1-1/8" deep, but the measurement is closer to 1-1/8" than to 1".

I don't have access to the window sash to measure its weight, but it is fairly heavy. I would estimate that its about 48" wide and 30" high, with double-pane glass.

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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for getting back to us. I think it's safe to say that you'd want to go with our 15-001, in that case.

Before we get started, though, I just want to clear up the sash weight. It's important to get as accurate a weight as you can. I think you might need the stamp 2665, which will carry a window sash that weighs anywhere from 33 through, and including, 36 pounds. Do you think that would do it? Let me know!

Please keep in mind that the weight range information is based on 2 balances per sash. Balances are designed assuming friction in the jamb weather-strip will carry a portion of the sash weight. Suggested sash weights are approximate.
A home owner says:
Thanks, Tom, for your detailed reply. Unfortunately, the window is in Reno while I'm currently in San Jose, CA, so I have no way to weigh it. Does the stamp of "2690" on the old window balance help? Or does the stamp of "35" indicate a 35 pound sash weight?

Thank you.
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Paul from SWISCO responded:
The "35" at the end of your stamp does indicate a 35 pound sash, I believe. However, it's always better to check, just in case.

If you wish to go ahead with the order, take a look at the S395-27 with the stamp option 2665.
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