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A quick learner from Prescott, Arizona says:
25-year old home; many original windows of various sizes and configurations - 17 of which are all single, tilt-sash, lower openings - 12 of these, various sizes, are marked "Better Bilt" (BB). The other 5, have no manufacturer markings - possibly BB of a different early-1990's model, dubbed the "Unknowns". See images.

Both types have broken or cracked latches on several windows throughout the house. The BB windows clearly use the Swisco 26-351 (white) corner latch. The 5 unknowns (all same size) have a corner latch like your Swisco 26-295 but in white.

Primary issue: Several tilt-sash windows that we (senior citizens) open often are heavy panels (weights below) and difficult to open even after a "re-set" of spiral balances using spiral tool per your website's instructions. Close inspection and disassembly reveals all the spiral springs are 'caked" with dirty, partially-solidified grease (from dust and pollen, a major issue here). A few tubes bent. Pivot shoes, some cracked, do not move freely even after cleaning jam track. Spiral tubes in windows of the same size have different tip colors - no continuity through the house.

Objective: Make the lower sash panels easier to pull up. After your evaluation, I'm considering ordering 13 new spiral balances sets (x2 = 26) with the proper weight capacity per the sash size, a supply of replacement pivot shoes and replacement corner latches. Question: Do I order different tip colors to keep different spiral balances separate? What do the tips do?

ALL sash heights are 30 inches tall (regardless of widths and weights) and ALL opening windows use a 3/8" spiral tube that is 28 inches long. Summary: 13 windows of three (3) different weights: Four (4) panels are 25 pounds each. Five (5) panels are 22.5 pounds each. Four (4) panels are 16 pounds each. (QUESTION: As spiral balances overlap in listed capacity on your site, would you suggest using the spiral balance with a higher capacity rating, e.g., Yellow Tip instead of Green; or GreenTip instead of Red?)

See pivot shoe images. I need ten (10) pivot shoes. See pivot show image and please verify - I think I need the Swisco 15-134 shoe. Also, I need six (6) sets (L & R) of the Swisco 26-251 in white. And I need five (5) sets (L & R) of the 26-295 (understand only black available). Will order online after your evaluation and review. Am totally comfortable with the installation process. Thanks.
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Casey from SWISCO responded:


I agree that the tilt latches you picked out from our website look like good replacement options as long as the dimensions match up to yours. 

As for the pivot shoe, our 15-045 looks like a closer replacement option. Review the width and thickness on our product page to confirm. Also, see our S900-28 spiral balance. The top colors indicate the spring strength needed to support the weight of the window sash. 

If your balances are missing the colored tips at the base of the tube, you can use the sash weight to choose the correct color based on the chart under the spiral balance product description. As you pointed out, the weight will sometimes fall under the weight ranges for two tip colors, meaning that both options will work for your application and becomes a matter of personal preference. Thank you!

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