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A quick learner from Carteret, New Jersey says:
I was looking for a non-tilt, single hung, side loaded channel balance replacements for my Silver Line windows, most likely installed around the mid to late 80's.

I browsed your web site pretty well, and can not find the exact match of the complete channel balance sets that I currently have installed. I found the pieces that I would need individually, but can not find the same type in the selection of channel balance sets on your web site. I would most likely need at least 13 sets of complete channel balances with tops & shoes of what is needed, if possible.

Here is what I found out about the parts that are needed, with links posted below of the channel balance, tops and shoes pieces.

The option is "2240". The top attachment I would need for the channel balance, which states in the title for a Sliver Line window, is your 19-008. For the shoe attachment I would need for the channel balance, which states in the title for a Sliver Line window, I need the 15-025

I also had some questions that I had which is found below:

1. If your company could make custom orders where you can add the top and shoe to a certain size channel balance of my choosing, and if possible, how much would it cost to make/assemble and ship to area code: 07008?

2. If your company can't make custom orders, or don't handle requests like that, what would you recommend from the selection you have on your web site currently , or how much would it cost for all the individual parts to make/assemble with shipping to area code: 07008?

Please e-mail back when you have a chance, and let me know what you think is best situation to take for this problem I am having. I currently have no pictures of the channel balances I have, since I found similar models found in your discussions section, but with different tops and shoes. Let me know if images are really needed on your reply back.

Thank you for your time and help in advance:

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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for contacting us, Carlos. Yes, this balance will need be custom made. These are for a hinged window, correct? I'll need a bit more information before we can get started.

First, the two balances in the window should be a little different. One should have a shoe, while the other does not. These will also have two different stamps. Which balance does the 2240 stamp correspond to? What stamp does the other balance have? Let me know!
A quick learner says:
Thank you for responding to my post, and I will try to answer your questions the best I can.

"These are for a hinged window, correct?"

Yes, they have two hinges (top & bottom) on the left side of the window, and they swing from right to left. Raising the window to maximum height, but only after sliding the locking clip to the left to release, allows the window to swing outward.

"First, the two balances in the window should be a little different."

Yes, I believe so, since I found one set of channel balances with the numbers stamped "2220" & "2240" in one of the windows. In the past, I probably mix and matched the channel balances to fix some of the windows that had trouble staying opened, and did not realizes that there was numbers stamped on them until now. In that case, almost all the windows are mismatched with different channel balances or they are in poor condition with broken springs, tops, & shoes.

"One should have a shoe, while the other does not."

Yes, that also should be correct. The one window that looks in good condition, has a channel balance with "2240" stamped on it, which is on the hinge side (left) with no shoe attached to it. It does not look like there was something attached, or was broken off the channel balance, and does not look possible to even have a shoe on that side, since the hinge would be directly in its way. The channel balance on the right side is complete with top & shoe like explained in the first post I made.

"Which balance does the 2240 stamp correspond to? What stamp does the other balance have?"

Looking at the best possible window as of now, the left side with the hinges has a stamp of "2240X" with no shoe but a top (19-008) looks connected. And the right side with the locking clip has a stamp of "2220" with a top (19-008) and a shoe (15-025) attached to it.

(Note: I seen stamps like "2240X", "2240/", & "2220" with an arrow symbol like "^" but pointing downward, possibly a misprint on the rails?)

You are on money with the type of channel balances and design of the Sliver Line windows I have. I could take pictures of the one good window if you like, but it seems you have a pretty good idea. I can possibly post images tomorrow in the afternoon when I get out of work. Please let me know what I can do, if either I have to assemble them myself, or it can be made on site.

Thanks for the reply back and help given:

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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Thanks for the detailed information, Carlos. I wish everyone were as helpful as you!

I don't think pictures should be necessary at this point. We just about have everything we need to make a few custom order forms for you to look over, but I'd just like to confirm something.

You said that you had mixed and matched a few balances before. At this point, do you think that the pair of 2220 and 2240 balances are correct? Has the window ever been difficult to operate? Since our custom balances can't be returned, I just want to make sure we get you the right things. If you can confirm what the original pair configuration was, I think we should be good to go.

Assuming that 2220/2240 is correct, and assuming that the metal channels for both are 23" long, then check out the following custom order forms:

>Custom Order Form for the 2220 Balance (does have a shoe)
>Custom Order Form for the 2240 Balance (does not have a shoe)

Look the information over and fill out the rest. Once you submit, one of our representatives will get back to you with a price quote.

If you want to change anything, or if you had more questions, let me know! I'd be happy to work through this until we find the right match.
A quick learner says:
Thank you for all the great help you have given me since my first post. Below are the answers to the couple of questions you have posted above.

"At this point, do you think that the pair of 2220 and 2240 balances are correct?"

In the custom order forms you have provided above, I requested in the comments section of the form if it was possible to make one channel balance for each side to test them out and make sure it works perfectly. When everything fits, opens, and closes correctly, then I will order the rest of the channel balances I need. In this case, it is better to be safe then sorry.

"Has the window ever been difficult to operate?"

All the windows vary in condition, some stay open, but are rough to lift up & push down, while others open, but do not hold position and just drop. I only checked 6 of the 13 windows recently, but all of them have some sort of problem. We also have been renting a level of the house for awhile now, and it is the main reason why we need the channel balances, since it is a hazard for them to use the windows. I haven't went to the apartment recently to check on all the windows, but relying on their accounts with the windows, all of them are in poor condition.

For now, I am focus on these size and type of windows, since this is the majority installed in the house. I also have 2 larger size windows (Sliver Line Model), 3 smaller size windows (Sliver Line Model), and 3 very similar to the main ones discussed in this post (unknown model, I need to check them out). The other windows will have to wait until I fix the ones on hand, taking it step by step, instead going all out. You have helped me greatly the whole time, and is very much appreciated. You do not have to worry about the other windows I have, since you did more than enough to help me out. I will post back when I get a reply from the custom request, and the events taken to get them.

Thanks once again for helping:

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Tom from SWISCO responded:
Awesome! Glad I could help, Carlos. Let me know if you need any more assistance.
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