Exterior handle options for 3 15/16 hole center to hole center

A quick learner from Palm Springs, CA says:
I've looked at your site and from what I can see, you have two replacement exterior patio door handles available for a 3 15/16 inch hole-to-hole: the 82-042 (a solid one piece that is grabbed by the fingertips only) and the 82-044 (which appears to have a slightly raised rear portion for grabbing by more of the fingers). The unit I'm replacing is basically like the 82-042 but I want the door to be easier to open (it's a reinforced airport sound canceling glass door and quite heavy) so I'm looking for something that can be firmly gripped. It's difficult to hold a margarita in one hand and open the glass door with the other. Not good. The 82-044 appears to be a better option for me but I see that your complete kit 82-035 has an exterior handle that appears to have even more surface area for holding when pulling back the door. Here are my questions:
1) What is the "depth" of the 82-044? By that I mean the distance the handle protrudes outward from the door. I have a total of 2 inches between the glass door frame and the exterior screen door and as such the handle's depth can't exceed 2 inches or it will interfere with the screen door's movement. I can estimate the height and width of the handle from the photograph (using the installation hole markings as a reference) but not the depth.
2) Is the exterior handle component of the 82-035 kit available for purchase as a separate replacement part? If so, what is the depth (see #1) of that exterior handle?
3) Are there any other 3 15/16 hole-to-hole exterior handles available from Swisco?
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Mike from SWISCO responded:
I have posted a new image with an alternate view below-- you can see the "depth" measures approximately 1 1/8". The handle that comes with the 82-035 is the 82-044 (pictured below); you can find the item in the related parts. The 82-044 and the 82-042 are the two handles we currently offer for exterior pulls with 3 15/16" hole center to hole center.
alternate side view protrusion measurement
A handy person from West Palm Beach Fl says:
Does your product 82-044 come in a 6 9/16 hole center (screw to screw center)??
I need a outside pull handle that size.
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Mike from SWISCO responded:
Sorry, but we currently do not offer the 82-044 with a 6 9/16" screw hole center width.
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