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A quick learner from 60104 says:
Hi, I recently ordered some parts for my Thermal guard windows. Order number 1418960. I am quite sure I ordered the correct parts. I even sent a message like this one asking about the pivot shoes. Anyway, I had to cut out a bit of the track (like in your video)so I could get the pivot shoe in. But my tracks are metal inside plastic(see photos). I had to use a angle grinder with a thin disc to cut it out. Then when I put the pivot shoe into the track I had to force it in. It was way to tight. I got it in but it would not move up and down. And the tightening round thing was in the correct position. Also the pivot bar set (number 26-356) seems to be to tight in the window sash. So, do you have any suggestions? Can I grind the side of the shoe to reduce it's width? Thanks, Pete
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Tom from SWISCO responded:

Thank you for your patience during this busy season. I'm not sure what the problem may be. Looking at your old discussion, the 15-070 is the modern replacement for your old shoe. Can you tell me how thick your old shoe was? In the meantime, myself and my colleagues will look into this and see if we can come up with a solution.

A quick learner from 60104 says:
Hi Tom,
I have the Thermal Guard windows by Seasonal. They were installed in the summer of 1980. I had to file the new shoe to make it smaller. It was to wide and to thick. I measured both, the old shoe and the other new shoe. I used a vernier caliper. The old shoe is 1.27 inches wide and the new shoe is 1.289 inches wide. And the thickness of the old shoe is .625 and the new shoe is .650. I also had to file down the metal pivot bar set because it was to tight. Since I filed it down, I can not get a measurement on it. I do not have another new one. Thanks, Pete
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Tim from SWISCO responded:

Hey there, maybe I can help. I have a lot of experience with these windows and I have dealt with this issue before. You can still get the 15-070 to work. What you need to do is put the shoe in from the bottom first, then tap the top in with a small tap hammer. It will snap in. I also recommend sanding the shoe down a little bit first, since you said it feels a little too big. This isn't always necessary but I've had to do it a few times in the past for some versions of this window. Since the old part isn't made anymore little changes like that are helpful.

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