Help with repairing sliding glass door

A quick learner from California says:
Hi, we have a 10 year old California home with an 8 foot tall by 5 foot wide vinyl sliding glass door (dual pane). The door has become very hard to open and close.

The track below is made of a hard plastic or vinyl with a round metal bar that goes from side to side (that the door rolls on). The metal rod is a little bent in a few places and needs to be replaced.

The sliding door has a roller on each side of the door, and each roller has 2 wheels. We have tried and tried to get the the two wheels on each roller to both come up to clear the vinyl frame but and no matter how we turn the adjustment screws(which are on the inside bottom of the door frame-NOT the ends), we cannot get both wheels on each roller up enough at the same time to clear the sliding door track frame on the bottom (so we can take the door out).

I assume they have two roller wheels on each roller due to the size and weight of the door. However, when we adjust the screw on each roller, one wheel comes up and the other goes down. This is happening on both rollers on both sides of the door. One wheel is up, one is down--like a teeter-totter. We can't get the door up enough to take it out of the frame because one of the wheels is always hanging too low. We want to get the door off/out to replace the track and both sets of rollers.

Can you help? What is the trick? Since I can't even get the door out of the frame, I can't do anything. We have checked and there is not an anti-lift block on the top preventing us from lifting the door as high up as we can. It's just that we can't get all 4 wheels up at once. I'm stuck and need some help.

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Paul from SWISCO responded:
Hey, Jim. This sounds like a headache of a problem. It seems that the builder didn't give you enough play at the header to easily remove the door. Seeing as how it's so large, you might need two or three people to help out.

Now, most patio doors are removed to the outside by first removing the stationary door. They would then swing the sliding door out. Here is where you might need one or two extra hands to lift up while another person, with a flat putty knife or flat bar, works on the wheels to get them up and clear of the track. It's just going to take a lot of patience and elbow grease.
A quick learner from Southern California says:
Hi and thanks for the help. I was hoping not to have to remove the stationary door but there may be no choice. Can you tell me how they mount the stationary doors, and how to remove it so I can get to the sliding door?
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Dave Sr. from SWISCO responded:
Look on the stationary door rail in the jamb and see if there are screws or screw-on-clips securing the door to the jamb. Then check the inside and outside of the bottom door frame on the sill for caulking sealant or screws that might be holding the door in. You should also check the side rail opposite the jamb for a bottom screw-on-clip on the sill or a top clip to the header. Once you've removed anything holding it into place, it would be the same as Paul said: have a couple of friends help you steady it while you pop it out of the track towards the outside.
A professional from California says:
I don't think I have ever seen a vinyl door with a shorter rail on the outside. Maybe they exist in other states, I don't know.
Take a better look before you go to that effort.
If your inside and outside rails are the same height, it won't be any easier.
I have seen a few where the rollers are rusted in place, and will not adjust. Try gently bouncing the door on the track while turning the adjusting screw.
I say gently, because stainless tracks can dent easily.
I keep a short piece of 80-100 track for this purpose. I slide the track piece under the end of the door to protect the existing track. If you have something close to that shape, (even a square piece could work) it would help.
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