How do I replace the Andersen screen door bottom roller?

A quick learner from corona ca. says:
i have a anderson screen door and the bottom left roller looking out is broken how do i replace it
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Paul Sr. from SWISCO responded:
The tricky part about replacing your Andersen screen door wheel assembly is removing the broken roller. The wheel assembly is removed and installed through a hole in the bottom of the screen door frame. To remove the old roller you must try to squeeze the clips on both sides of the roller and pull the wheel assembly out of the door frame. Sometimes the clips break and you can easily pull the old roller out. To install the new roller you work the new roller into the door frame while rotating for the adjusting bar to fit into place. The new roller will snap in when pushed into the door frame. After the new roller is snapped into place, use a screw driver to adjust the wheel height via the adjusting bar. Click here to purchase the 84-070 replacement Andersen patio screen door bottom wheel assembly from
Installation diagram of the Andersen lower patio screen door wheel assembly
A quick learner says:
Sorry the message above really doesn't say how to remove the old rollers. While the diagram is helpful it doesn't say or show how to squeeze the clips that hold the roller in place. In order to squeeze a clip there is a very small pin hole on either side of the bottom of the roller. You should be able to see the holes right next to each end of the two plastic tabs. Insert any rigid tool that fits in the hole to depress the clip. If you start on the rear roller that's all you should need to do to remove the entire roller assembly
A home owner says:
how do I adjust the andersen bootom roller? there's a hole above the wheel with a slot for a screwdriver, but the slot will not turn either way. I pulled the wheel assembly and don't understand what the adjust is supposed to do: there's a flat top and a curved bottom; there are notches in the curved part. Am I at the TOP if I'm on the last notch? ie the flat part is horizontal
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Paul Sr. from SWISCO responded:
The 84-070 screen door roller is adjusted by turning the long spindle the comes off the top side of the wheel housing. That spindle comes out of a hole on the side of the patio screen door. In a worse case scenario that adjustment may be stripped.
A home owner from Fairfield says:
I just spoke to an Anderson repair representative today, and he said that these are removed from the door by pushing firmly on the adjustment spindle with a screwdriver. The assembly should then pivot down and out, similarly to what the illustration shows above. I can't say if it works, as mine fell out on their own after 10 years of use.
A home owner from Branford CT says:
Tried and failed. I was not successful in removing the old broken lower assembly. I knocked the plastic tabs off with a narrow chisel but still couldnt fish it out through the hole. Unfortunately I lost it in the door frame so it;s floating around in there. The new roller assembly snapped right in. It's in there but doen't seem to interfere.
A quick learner from Bethel, CT says:
I used a pair of needle nose Vise grips and pried + pulled both bottom rollers out ( there almost 12 years old) a little work and they came right out. The new ones snapped right in as good as new.
A home owner from New York says:
I just purchesed a new screen door, my rollers are a year old so I wanted to save them. In order to remove them you need a ssall flat head screw driver. Slide the screw driver under the long hinge while pushing the wheel into the screen frame against a 2 prong tab that hooks the hinge to the screen. It may be hard to see the hooks that are holding it to the screen. It was very quick and easy to remove with no damage to the old roller.
A quick learner from Greenlawn,nybt says:
Look at the insertion diagram. Removal is the opposite. The idea is to push in on the adjusting plsitic screw and pry down on the middle bottom clip . ounce you have freed the middle clip just rotate the old roller aasembly. out. No problem.. LOOK AT THE INSERTION DIAGRAM..
A quick learner from Keene, NH says:
It's tooooo easy. Find the little holes either side of the roller. Use a sharp awl, or 1/2 scissors to move the little snaps towards the wheel. The assembly then almost falls out
A handy person from LI, NY says:
My mom has an Andersen Slider Door at her house. The screen door is probably 20 years old and has been moved. After the move both the door and the screen seem harder to roll, certainly harder than the one in my house which is about 10 years old. The screen in particular seems to have so much tension on it.

I oiled the upper springs and around the wheels which helps a bit but it still seems like too much effort to open and close the door. Will replacing the wheels help? TIA
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Mike from SWISCO responded:
Replacing the entire wheel seems to be a viable option.
A home owner from Indianapolis,IN says:
Replacing the lower rollers was very easy. I just used a scratch awl and pryed up at the slots on either side of the roller base. Pull the old one out from the inside edge first so the adjustment screw won't hang up. Install the new roller adjustment screw end in first and snap in place. Be sure to align the adjuster screw with the opening in the door so it doesn't bind. The whole job took about five minutes..
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Dave Sr. from SWISCO responded:
That's great to hear! I'm glad everything worked out for you.
A handy person from Tenafly, NJ says:
If you don't have a scratch awl, use a pair of #6 round nails, one in each hole. This depresses the plastic spring clip that is just behind the flange (or is it a tang?) and out it pops.
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